Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Who will put up with her crap (and surgeoned face) NOW?

Kathy Griffin Files for Divorce

Kathy Griffin

Comedian Kathy Griffin filed for divorce from her husband, Matthew Moline, in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday.

Her rep declined to comment, but the divorce papers cited irreconcilable differences.

The couple have no children.

Griffin and Moline wed in Hollywood in February 2001, as maid of honor Brooke Shields and guest Camryn Manheim looked on.

The heavy metal band Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" played as Griffin was given away by her dad, John.

"Matt's mom bought the Martha Stewart wedding book," Griffin told PEOPLE at the time. "And I kept saying, 'You're not going to have to crack that book open.'"

Wow - who will do all the crap she made him do all the time? Like be her bodyguard, sell her books, dress her, feed her, etc. I wonder if the irreconcilable differences is that he wanted to get paid? Or maybe, she felt she had to get a divorce from all the pressures of celebritydom to get divorced.

Are you sad? I mean if these two can't make it, where's the hope for the rest of us?


Honey Gangsta said...

Now this is interesting. I totally agree that he was her bitch, but the thing is that he seemed so happy to be. Some guys are just like that. He seemed like maybe he never dated very much or something, so he loved catering to her. I'm guessing SHE initiated the divorce. Maybe she complained that he is too spineless. Ah, the irony.

Honey Gangsta said...
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