Wednesday, November 02, 2005

ANTM Needs a New Host

You know when the kids come for judgement night and right before they go to that room that's the same no matter what country they're in, they show a photo of Tyra doing the same pose the the children did that week. Except of course, it's the standard of perfection.

Do you ever wonder if she comes in after the shoot and makes her self up and takes a photo? Seems kind of a waste and also makes her seem like she has a ton of time on her hands. Any insight?

My Favortie girl is Lisa - I think she's so great, and she's really pretty too, but not generically. I also liked that Nigel said he doesn't like her, that's funny. It's like CenterStage all over again, the girl will rise above it. I really think she's going to win it.

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Honey Gangsta said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! What else does Tyra have to do except be the standard of perfection? It's a very busy life. We need more standards of perfection to look at in my opinion. I HAVE noticed that. It's critique time for everyone. Time to hear about everything you did wrong and why your picture sucks. And here on the wall is the prime example of what you COULD be, what you WANT to be, but what you will NEVER be. This is the way you SHOULD have done it. This is perfection.

I don't like Lisa. She's so annoying. There's nothing really endearing about her (at least that I've seen so far). I'm not sure who my favorite is... I'll have to tune in tonight. But I think I like Jayla.