Friday, December 02, 2005


Okay, hold everything! I believe I may have found redemption. There is a certain digital network in existence called Fox Reality. Look into it as quickly as possible. This network seems to be in the habit of running Temptation Island marathons, as well as never-before-seen (by me, at least) episodes of Temptation Island UK, a British version of our adored love-child. The British episodes air at 1AM eastern time, but luckily, with your DVR system, that will not be an issue. I tuned in last night to hear the anxious couples using terms like "snogging," and referring to the show as a "programme." Quite delightful. Sometimes a little difficult to understand when they talk fast, but delightful nonetheless. There is even a character named Jamie, who is of course, a boy. They like to do that over there in the United Kingdom. They haven't caught on that it is a girl name. One of the male tempters is Scottish or Irish or something, so he is particularly sexy and hard to understand. He has a funny name, too, that I can't remember, like Twiggs, or Briggs or something.

The tempters, being of UK decent, are not as tempting as the American tempters. Many of the males are hairy and they all (males and females) have bad teeth. But the accents go a long way in making up for that. And the delicious concept is still the same. Apparently one of the coupled males was caught "snogging" a female temptress only a few short hours after being separated from his woman ("girl" as the Brits say). One of the girls watched a video of her boyfriend and a temptress trying to catch a butterfly that was on the wall. She was very relieved. Another girl saw a temptress singing to her boyfriend about sitting in a tree and K-I-S-S-I-N-G, and she started to cry - even though nothing actually happened. Excellent.

Do let me know if you can participate.


NoiXdeCoco said...

As usual, this post made me laugh out loud - "our love-child." How much do I miss Temptation Island? Let me count the ways...that was seriously one of the best shows on TV. Maybe if they had a component to it that aloud the public to text message who would hook up with who, then it would have been more successful.

Although for me, it had all it needed. I looked on the Time Warner cable list (which, when I searched for "fox" it came up with ABC family channel - former fox family channel, isn't that interesting?) but we don't carry Fox Reality.

However, I will be making a phone call to my local cable provider and ask why the hell I can't watch the greatest TV show ever aired???

PS - did you see, Bachelor is finally BACK next month - and it will be in Paris. WOOOO HOOOOO.

NoiXdeCoco said...

PS - not Paris, as in Paris Hilton, but the city.

I also liked the random photo of someone's back in a bikini that you chose for this post.

Honey Gangsta said...

Legitimate Temptation Island picture. I thought it would be universal enough to transcend the cultural boundaries and cover the US and the UK.