Thursday, April 27, 2006


8th & Ocean is definitely getting good! Kelly is so evil and diabolical…but let’s start with the usual cast of delinquents – Vinci…ah, what can you say about this guy, except, he’s not THAT good looking. He really has a problem with being an adult. And also, an unnecessary ego problem. Irene Marie looked especially freaky in the beginning of the episode…I was tempted to freeze the picture and try to figure out what it is that makes her so damn freaky, or to see if I can see scalpel marks on her face, but with my insomnia issues, I decided against it. Then it was quick catch-ups with the shallow end of the world: Brit, Teddy, and company. I can't wait for the "special episode" when someone gets strung out on heroin or is caught sticking chop sticks down her throat to vomit.

So last night, the agency calls Kelly and tells her about an incredible opportunity for a casting, and they let her know to “let Sabrina know!” Kelly is standing right next to Sabrina at this time, like elbows touching, and she says – “ok, no prob.” Hangs up the cell, and doesn’t say a word to her. Ohhhhhhh….this is going to get good.

Of course, Kelly shows up to the casting, and the ‘agents’ are freaking out – “Where’s Sabrina?” And you can tell they’re freaking out by the way of the quick jerks of their phone wired heads, like a heard of chickens at the sound of dinner bells. Kelly has no explanation except to play dumb and say “I don’t know” like a hundred times and making a face like –“not only do I not know, but why SHOULD I know?” Ummm, cause you’re a diabolical evil twin.

Sabrina gets a call – “I didn’t know,” etc, etc, cut to the end of the show when Sabrina confronts Kelly. Kelly has the nerve, THE NERVE to get pissed at Sabrina, because she’s not her mother and she’s not her agent and it’s not her responsibility to tell her everything she needs to know. Then she has the diabolical NERVE to say – “It’s not like I didn’t tell you on purpose.” WHAT? Yes, it is. And it’s on TAPE – ha ha ha ha ha ha. So evil. I really, REALLY don’t like Kelly. She’s just so…diabolical.

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