Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Love Lost

Excuse me while I faint from surprise, but according to an article on TMZ.com it seems that The Bachelor Andy “Mayo” Baldwin and his fake fiancée co-winner Tessa Horst have called off their engagement! Moment of silence, please. Well now what? I was clinging to the true and tender televised faux-mance of Mayo and Tessa as the last vestige of true love in a jaded world of cynicism and selfishness. Really, if these two can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us? Should we just give up now? The silver lining to this cloud of tragedy is, of course, that Mayo is back on the market! Form an orderly line and take a number, ladies because this one’s a keeper.

Single and available!

In a compassionate attempt to revive my faith in destiny, ABC is presenting an 11th brand new Bachelor for us starting September 24th. Take a deep breath and prepare to meet… Brad Womack. He owns a bar.


kre said...

I love how they act like this is news. I mean, HONESTLY! :D Y'know what? I might (no guarantees, now) sit up and care when the winning couple actually DOES get married - that happened once, didn't it? I don't remember. Even if it did, they're probably divorced now, anyway. ;)

NoiXdeCoco said...

Oh WOW! That new guy is HOT! Blue eyes, scruffy, so yummy. I bet after 10 minutes of his personality coming through, I am going to hate him.

I bet that this "process" will be the hardest thing he's ever had to do and that he didn't want to hurt anyone but he has to follow his heart and see who he can see himself with in the long term. I.E. women who like to do things that he does like throw a football, fart a lot, and watch WWE.

I also bet that the women will be enchanted with him within the ten minutes it takes me to turn on him, and that they ALL will "definitely see a future" with him.

"Coming up...the Bachelor will make his most difficult decision yet..."


Sadly, I will be tuning in for every painful, monotonous, repetitive, scene of him picking the worst choice of a woman for himself, and I will be on here commenting on how Brad and his choice have just broken up.