Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bachelorette - Jillian and Ed Chronicled

Tonight is my favorite night - Project Runway and Models of the Runway. It's going to start in just over an hour, I can't wait to see what the challenge is, and more importantly, I really can't wait to see Michael Kors' return (please be back, please be back).

But in the meantime, as it takes a few days for the recaps to turn around, I wanted to update y'all on The Bachelorette Jillian and her true love Ed. These are all from the "news" sources that had this be news fit to print :) On a side note, Jessica Simpson's dog abduction by a coyote made CNN where they did a brilliant job of "reporting" by posting random people's twitters about how they felt about this. Today, there's a story about Jon Gosselin's whoever calling him a liar. So I no longer can refer to as a source of news. Just plain messed up.

OK, back to our couple du jour. First thing we all heard about this was that Ed had two girlfriends at the time of the Bachelorette filming, and that when he left for that unspecified period, he was hooking up with said ladies. He was also rumored to have slept with one these ladies *after* he proposed to Jillian. Some of the emails between Ed and his two other girlfriends surfaced, so I totally believe it. Read here

Then we got word from Wes (HA!) that he felt sorry for Jillian because Ed cheated on her and had a girlfriend the whole time. That's enough from you Wes! Read here

Then Ed was quoted as saying that "I am not, in any way, attracted to the chick," referring to Jillian. Read here

Then we got word from Melissa Rycroft that Ed and Jillian are doing just fine! Thanks Melissa.
Read Here

DeAnna then piped up and said that Jillian is still with Ed because the couple appearances are too profitable for them to break up. Read here

The next natural step...Jillian decided to move in with Ed in Chicago. Brilliant! “There were socks and underwear lying around the place,” Jillian said. Read here

But alas, it sounds like there might be trouble in paradise - Jillian goes to fashion week all by her lonesome! Duhn duhn duhn!!! Read here

So what do you guys think? Is she making a terrible mistake, or following her heart? Is this the most dramatic relationship ever in the history of mankind, or what?

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