Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty: India Mini Cap

"Eat your heart out, Jessica Simpson!"

Last night on Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty, Jessica went to India to see how THEY try to get on the cover of Cosmo. It turned out that the mecca of beauty in India is Bollywood, where decorated girls danced en masse in unison. There was also a spa in Mumbai that will pour oil onto your hair (that's what I try to wash OUT of my hair every day) and teach you how to cleanse your sinuses with a neti pot. She could have hit Walgreens and saved herself the airfare. Jess did take time out to visit a small Indian girl who was having surgery to correct her cleft palate - courtesy of Operation Smile, and that part was kind of sweet. But then she went back to the Jessica we all know and love by attending a Bollywood red carpet party all decked out in jewels and henna. I'll be back soon with more!

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