Monday, March 15, 2010

Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty: Mini Cap

Last night on Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty, Jessica kicked off her worldwide quest to discover what makes a woman beautiful. First stop - Thailand. Here Jessica got a Thai massage, ate a worm, lost all concentration while trying to meditate, and also visited a village where women put stacks of metal rings around their necks to elongate them,which is seen as a sign of wealth and beauty. She also learned that in Thailand, pale is the new tan. On each leg of her journey, Jessica will have a tour guide to teach her about beauty. And last night's guide was none other than the host of Thailand's Next Top Model, who was clearly a paragon of Western beauty, so it was nice to veer off into the jungle for the neck ring ladies. I mean, we've all seen Tyra Banks and her crowd. Stay tuned to read all about it!

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