Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty: Paris Mini Cap

The French Hangover

Last night on Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty, Jessica and crew visited Paris to uncover the best-kept secret that in Paris it's beautiful to be a fashion model. And that, of course, means being anorexic-thin. The Beauty Ambassador was - you guessed it - a fashion model! What an unusual idea of beauty. The kids then went to another spa to get massages and scrubs, but lest you think this is old news - it was all done somehow with wine or grapes. So basically nothing you'll ever get to experience. They also met a former model who nearly starved herself to death, which earned her a lot of money, then Jessica got to walk a runway all by herself! She was coached by a complete snob who was dressed like a balloon clown and talked down to her about everything. Then she managed to walk an entire 12 feet, turn around, and walk back. It was all very groundbreaking. I'll be back soon with deets!

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