Monday, April 05, 2010

Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty: Uganda Mini Cap

Whose wedding is this, anyway?

Last night on Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty, we finally visited the long-awaited fat huts! We learned that in Uganda, men love curves! And not Beyonce-type curves, LARGE curves. The tribe we visited considers fat women a sign of a man's prosperity. Most of the men of the tribe raise cattle for a living, so they look for women who are nice and fat like their cows. Jessica and CaCee had to layer up under their African dresses so that they would be suitably plump to make an appearance with the locals.

In their quarters overnight, they were visited by insects and arachnids the size of household pets, which sent Jessica into a panic attack and forced her to share a twin bed with her gay hair and makeup guy. I actually can't say I blame her, and now that I know about the insects, the fat huts have a deterrent. If not for those giant suckers, I'd be packing a bag.

Finally, we witnessed a Ugandan wedding and all of our local heroine's work to blub up finally paid off. She was a big beautiful bride and everyone was pleased and proud. Come back soon for details!

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