Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty: Morroco Mini Cap

"Me? Immodest? How dare you!?"

Last night on Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty, the gang went to Morocco to check out the day spas there. Jessica and CaCee tried out Moroccan snuggies (okay, caftans) and even walked around with veils on their faces through the market where they tried sheep brain. But when it came time to pow-wow with some traditional Muslim women Jessica wore short shorts and was quite offended when they told her she was immodest. Um, hello?

Later Jess and CaCee made an attempt to learn how to dance while balancing a flaming tray of candles on their heads. And finally the gang attended a fancy Moroccan fest where the women's attire ranged from bikini-clad belly dancers to completely covered Muslim grandmas. This time Jessica wore a caftan to be safe. I'll be back soon with all the Moroccan details!

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