Monday, August 22, 2005

Crack Actor!

This was in my new "Blender" magazine:

50 Cent Films his Own 8 Mile, with lots of Gak and Guns

Three years after Eminem scored a box-office hit with 8 Mile, his protégé 50 Cent is hoping to repeat that success by starring in his own similarly autobiographical—if much more violent—film. Titled Get Rich or Die Tryin’, after the rapper’s 2003 CD, the movie features 50 playing a New York drug dealer called Marcus who, like the hip-hop star, graduates from cooking crack to making music.

“They’ll make comparisons to Eminem’s project” says 50 Cent when Blender catches up with him on location in the Bronx. “They’ll make comparisons to Purple Rain. And those are great, successful films made by musicians. But my life is more aggressive.”

Among the more “aggressive” scenes already in the can - a recreation of the 2000 attempt on the rapper’s life, during which he was shot nine times. Moreover, while 50, who has never acted before, admits that he has been helped immensely in honing his thespian skills by director Jim Sheridan, though there have been occasions when the cast and crew deferred to him—particularly when it came to depicting armament use.

“He is very familiar with the gun stuff,” says Tory Kittles, who plays one of 50’s crew of crack dealers in the film, due out in November. “He’d say, ‘That wouldn’t happen like that. That’s movie shit.’”

Isn't that sweet? 50 is a contributing adult in this world - I mean without his knowledge and experience, murder scenes in movies would be so fake - what a tragedy that would be. It would be so un-American to have unrealistic murder scenes.

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Honey Gangsta said...

This is an American tragedy. A movie is being made of his life supposedly because he is someone to look up to. A crack dealer. A CRACK DEALER! Let's not forget that he gave up dealing crack to chant pornographic nursery rhymes about female genetalia. I wonder if he has a summer camp for children.