Monday, August 29, 2005


Did you catch this? OMG! I'm reading all these articles about it, how it should not have been on MTV because it was so hip-hop oriented, etc. I have four idiots to make points about...

1. Pre-show:

NEW YORK -- The MTV Video Music Awards escaped the drama and damage of hurricane Katrina. Now they face being overshadowed by another dangerous name - Suge Knight.

The Death Row Records founder, who has been at the centre of some of hip-hop's most violent moments, was shot in the leg early Sunday morning at a party thrown by Kanye West and attended by stars including Jessica Alba, Eddie Murphy, Paris Hilton, the Game and The Black Eyed Peas.

I don't even know how this guy is alive. He's been shot, been in jail for an extensive time, he's totally insane, etc. Where has MTV gone that there are shootings associated with it?

2. 50 cent - this is what happened:

The 50 Cent-Fat Joe beef heated up at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards. The words started when Fat Joe was presenting an award and ended with: “I just wanna say how safe I feel in here tonight with all of this police presence courtesy of G-Unit.” The remarks were surprising because in his diss song “F*ck 50″ in response to 50’s “Piggy Bank", Fat Joe says: “I’m gonna respond one time, one time only".

Later in the night, 50 Cent was ending his set of “So Seductive” with Tony Yayo when the pair unleashed a bevy of expletives on Fat Joe. The high standards of MTV prevented most of the content from getting through and it was censored. What made it through was something like this: “Fat Joe is a p*ssy. F*ck Fat Joe. He is a F*ckboy. What? What?” A couple sentences were completely blanked out.

I saw this, they just totally went berzerk with the mic, it was one long silence because they took out everything he was word came to mind as I was watching this - Quality! This definitely has more of a "Source Awards" or "BET Awards" feel to it than MTV. I wonder if MTV feels like they got street cred for all of this.

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