Thursday, August 18, 2005

Quite Liking Life on the D-List

Aw, too bad you're not into Kathy. I find her quite amusing. I love her commentary as stuff happens. Like the other day she talked for five minutes about how she had Pilsbury pop and bake cinnamon rolls in the fridge and it was all she could think about all day. I love that because I'm the same way! I ate like 6 of those on Saturday. Last night she was talking about the foods she likes and she said she likes breaded bread. Ha ha! She also said how she tried her husband's diet for a day and ended up at Krispy Kreme. I can totally relate.

No need to watch if you no likee. I will just fill you in if she says something worth repeating. :)


NoiXdeCoco said...

The other thing besides her voice, is when she's has her "narrator" bits having the camera get all close on her plastic surgeoned face, it creeps me out. It's very M.Jackson-ish.

When she was talking about the cinnabons, and then ending the story with - Nicole Kidman doesn't go through all day thinking about cinnamon rolls - I was like - "WHAT?" Then don't freaking buy it if you don't want to eat it!!! Hello! And if you are going to buy it for the sole purpose of consumption, then what's the prob?
I guess I just can't see her point.

I mean, the other day I had to buy some waffle crisps (yum!) to bring my balance to $10 so I could use my debit card, and I ended up eating the whole box because it was so good. But I certainly don't have huge chunks of my daily hours taken up by thinking about waffle crisps that are under my nose.

I guess my viewpoint is solution oriented.

Honey Gangsta said...

Okay, I'm seeing the disconnect here. Gnomecorp doesn't have the same relationship with food that Kathy and I do. I happen to know from personal experience that Gnomecorp views eating as a chore, a bother, something to be dealt with and gotten through. Whereas I, and evidently Kathy, see eating as a heavenly opportunity to be indulged in whenever possible. Unfortunately this heavenly opportunity comes with unwelcome side effects, like weight gain.

I can COMPLETELY relate to obsessing all day about something delicious that I want to eat but shouldn't because it's fattening. And not buying it at the store just isn't an option. Especially if I shop hungry. (Not Hungary, hungry.)

Kathy seems to think that Nicole Kidman is more like Gnomecorp, which seems like it would be much easier. Just eat, enjoy, be done with. No, not in my world. Not when there are more pastries in the fridge or at the store. It's like me thinking all day about the Baklava Factory whenever I'm in Encino, and being puzzled that others aren't sharing in my obsession.

NoiXdeCoco said...

Does the cliche - Out of sight, out of mind - help?