Thursday, August 18, 2005

D-List stands for Don't watch this crap show-list

This show kinda blows, and it mostly has to do with her freakin' voice. She kills me. I just don't think she's funny anymore, I thought that horrid, aggressive, in your face bit was that, but infact it's just the way she is, and that's not that funny anymore. I will give her hubby lots of props for not having a life and following her around all the time and he still hasn't hurt anyone yet.

That was kinda sad about the Jay Leno thing, and also about only selling 10 DVDs at an in-store signing. I wonder why they would put her in the Virgin Megastore on seemed doomed for failure.

I don't know if I can watch anymore of this show. The only good thing about it is her akward interaction with real celebrities, that's somewhat funny.

I can't even post a funny blog about this. This is really frustrating.
But I did fall going up the stairs in the subway this morning, wearing all white. Good stuff.

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