Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tuesday Night Between Naps

So, if you haven't been, you must tune into the Real World this season. Last night one of the ugly guy roommates brought home a skank and doinked her. All to make his pretty roommate jealous. The pretty roommate barely noticed. He (Wes) came and jumped in bed with the pretty roommate (Johanna) and asked, "Are you mad at me? Huh? Huh? Do you think less of me now? Do you? Do you?" Johanna was like, "What? No. I could care less." Meanwhile, Melinda, a very pretty but slutty blonde roommate keeps wearing her hair like she came from a small town in Utah. I just don't get it.

The INXS show was surprisingly good. I quite enjoyed the revisit of the Britney song. I also REALLY liked the Bonnie Raitt song. I felt like crying last night anyway. I must take this opportunity, though, to publicly protest Peter Frampton. That retarded song is the most overused, overappreciated song ever written. There are more versions of that song than there are sluts in Laguna Beach. PLEASE NO MORE BABY I LOVE YOUR WAY. I honestly can't take it. No! No! No! No!

All Dave Navaro could think about was how much he loves his wife. How tender. I wonder if that's all he can think about while he's getting an enema.

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NoiXdeCoco said...

Ok, I felt the same way about the Peter Frampton song too. I can usually tell what they are going to say about each performance, and to me it sounded dull, and not a good interpretation (I know that was not good syntax). And I was really surprised by their statements - "I feel proud to be an Australian," "That was the best performance I've seen of all of you," which by the way gets said every week about somebody - seriosly. I didn't get it. You missed Jordis, who KICKS ASS every week. She's had the best performances. Go to and watch her performance of "The Man Who stole the World" - UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Tonight is the elimination show, and they'll have to sing INXS songs to fight their way back.

As for The Real World, I've seen most episodes, but I just can't connect with this group, they seem even younger, and even more retarded than ever. Or maybe I'm getting older and more synical...can't tell. But yes, I know about the blonde and her nympho boytoy and his eye and the weird dark haired girl who flirts with everyone and gets drunk *yawn* - I get it, you guys are special.

Can we have some originality in the Real World at least every five seasons??? Please?