Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tuesday Night Line-up

So did you catch Rock Star: INXS? How awesome was it? It was an accoustic show this week, and it sounded great. My absolute favorite is Marty - he's so down-to-earth, so mellow, so real, and then when he gets up to perform, he's super intense! Last night he did a dark version of Brit's "Hit Me Baby One More Time." So awesome.

Did you also see Tommy Lee goes to college? I laughed out loud, it was so entertaining. My favorite part was the super hot tutor and her speech about how rock stars have a reputation and that they're stereotyped to not do well and that she will help him because she feels the same way, being blonde. Tommy didn't hear a word she was saying. I'm definitely going to watch this show. Oh and the saddest part was his inablity to play the drums. Imaging you're a dumb ass and the only thing you know how to do, the only thing you've relied on to provide everything in life for you - money, drugs, sex, fame, success - and you're on TV and can't perform. I'd be insanely pissed too.

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