Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Laguna Beach Cat Fight - Meeooww!

Okay, so I must say that I was delighted to see the cat fight between Alex and Jessica happen at about 10:15 instead of 10:27 on last night's show. It was highly satisfying. Jessica is a huge annoying bitch and I can't believe anyone wants to spend any time with her. She is no fun at all.

On the other hand, I really don't see where Alex gets off being so pissed at her. She keeps throwing around this "code" that girls just don't do that to other girls - making out with each other's boyfriends, etc. I'm sorry, but who very recently took another girl's boyfriend to Formal? Who very recently swooped right in and snatched another girl's boyfriend 37 seconds after they broke up? Let's see: her name starts with A and rhymes with Schmalex. Could this be the ho calling the hooker slutty? I think so.

I also LOVE how Jason is totally innocent in the whole scenario. Yes, Jessica must have taken filthy advantage of him. Then when Alex is all sweetly asking him if they can talk and without dropping the basketball or looking at her, he mutters, "About what?" Sexy. What a charming guy. I hope I get to date him next.

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NoiXdeCoco said...

Oh man, I missed it!!!!!!! Do you think I'll find someone who taped it, cause it's probably never going to air again...oh wait - now I remember how I spend my Saturdays: Watching the Laguna Beach Marathon from the begining everyweek, and only the last half hour is different. It's so unsatisfying, it should really be an hour a day.

BUT - I did see the preview, and that is awesome that the fight wasn't at the end. Alex really has NO ROOM to talk about anything - taking someone else's bf to a dance, that's just f*d up. And I specifically remember when they were in the nail salon, and right infront of Jessica she said - I can't wait for winter formal, it's going to be so much fun. EVIL.

And what does she care? They've been together for 15 min. I feel bad for Jessica, mostly because she's really pathetic, and sometimes it's hard to watch her mere existence. I can't believe someone as cool as Kristin would be here friend :)