Monday, September 19, 2005

The Second Assistant

I have to say, that after reading a third of this book, I felt that it was improbable that you have read this book. You - HoneyGangsta - who finishes off novels like they were made of Baklahva, who reads books like Lolita - I thought maybe you said that you read it so that I would read it (as you know, I'm not that good at finishing fiction books).

But then as I've been getting into it (more than half-way done! Pretty good for a magazine/text book reader) it has made me laugh at least four times. My favorite part so far was the intervention of that guy who was an asshole. Oh my gosh! That was awesome. There's a ton of stuff that's relatable - like needing a therapist to work in the biz - sounds familiar!

I especially liked the part when she had to go back to the night club that her boss was at last night because he dropped his stash behind the toilet in the men's room and she had to go get it. I kept waiting for the moment when I would say - 'yeah that's funny, but a little over the top'...still waiting.

Painfully there's so much truth in it. The problem I'm having is how she would bend over backward to help her boss and to keep her job. Like the time she did just as she was told and almost got fired for sending Anthony Hopkins to Vegas, I would have been furious as to why it was my fault, but she just took the blame.

I can't wait for the end, all the reviews on it in said the end is a twist. I'm trying not to read the last pages per your instructions - and it's killing me. Maybe that's why I'm finally going to finish a book!

P.S. I finished The Kite Runner (only took 5 months) - highly recommend it, but it's really intense.


Honey Gangsta said...

Hooray!!! I'm SO glad you like the book! I swear to you that I read it. It's totally LA, right? My absolute favorite was when her mom called her and had the same conversation VERBATIM that I've had with my mom innumberable times. "Honey, you don't sound good. Why don't you move home? You can live with me and dad until you find a job." OH MY GOSH!! I almost cut out that page and framed it! I told my mom that her pleadings ended up in a book about a girl who moved to LA. She was a little relieved to know she's not alone. The part that threw me a little in the beginning was how she ended up making out with some hot producer on his balcony. Yeah right. Some hot well-known Hollywood guy who can get (buy) any piece of ass he wants and he makes out with her after finding her in Venice? I don't think so. Those guys don't stoop to our lowly level.

NoiXdeCoco said...

I LOVE the book. I'm like 60 pages from finishing it, probably a record - two weeks. I just got to the part where they came back from Sundance and she found that Luke Lloyd had a French honey, and then they ran into each other at that insane premier where Jake kept making out with everyone.

I do agree that there are way too many men encounters that seem too easy. What's up with that, and then she complains...dude.