Friday, October 07, 2005


I was just watching America's Next Top Model last night - they replaced Janice (who, did you know, is the world's FIRST super model??!?!) with Twiggy!?! Um, ok.

So in this episode a beauty pagent twit refused to have another inch of her hair cut off even though they cut like three feet off already. That was weird, what's another inch? Oh right, she didn't want them to change who she is. So why become a model? Obviously, she was in the wrong place. So then she left, and I thought - well surely they're not going to be an elimination since someone just left.

I assumed they would make a cardboard cutout - a la Bean - of miss pagentry and have her line up with the rest of the girls in the elimination room. And then as Tyra calls their names one by one, the cardboard cutout would be moved left and right (and naturally knocked over a few times) as girls behind it go and get their week's wisdom from five-head and a picture because [whisper] they're still in the running to be America's Next Top Model.

And then there will be two, a live girl on the verge of tears (I hope it's not me!) and the lifesized cut-out. Then five-head will give her speech about why she should have cut her hair and question her commitment to the competition, which is naturally followed by an akward silence and a confused look on Tyra's face.

Then the other girl (obviously) will get her picture and continue in the competition. At this point the cardboard cutout will have a tear planted near the eye and as they pan back to it, you catch a glimpse of the PA's arm who planted the tear.

Then mysteriously, the cardboard cut-out would back up towards the exit (again, with the PA's jeans and sneakers clearly visible from behind) and a man's voice pretending to be a spoiled little pagent bitch says - Thanks everyone, I'll miss you ALL!

But instead, they just had a regular elimination. *sigh*

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