Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

'Laguna Beach' Star Talan Torriero Prepping An Album
Oh dear, no no no. This is too much. Too funny. Talan is now a singer? Let me share with you some choice quotes.

"I'm supposed to be [discreet] about it, so I can't tell you what label I'm with, but it's a really big label push," said Torriero, who was sporting longer, darker locks to go hand-in-hand with his new rock-star image.

"I like turning heads. I don't like to do the normal thing," he said. Then he went on to cite his totally un-normal, head-turning inspirations: My Chemical Romance and Green Day.

As if this weren't enough, he is also pursuing an acting career! Please revive me because I've just fainted from shock. Someone from Laguna Beach is trying to parlay their tv time into an acting career? Never! He says that he's been acting since he was little, so Laguna Beach has just helped to get his face out there. Now he is getting ready for: a potential horror flick with former WWF wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. Sounds like an Oscar contender to me!

Next time I see him at Shelter I will ask him if he uses Stanislovsky method acting, or if he just holds his head in the toilet until all of his emotions burst forth.

Please don't disturb the delicate singer/actor, or shall we just say "artist." He is busy sunning himself to get ready for his trip to the Florida Keys.

Quote of the day: "I like turning heads. I don't like to do the normal thing,"
3 cheers for Talan for pushing the edge of the envelope and breaking down all the barriers!

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NoiXdeCoco said...

That is a FUNNY picture of his crooked eye and oily forehead!!!!!!! What a dork.

I read about this too - not surprised. I am surprised that I haven't seen the Morgan in a feature film - oh wait, no I'm not.