Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Shallow Pool Gets Shallower

I LOVE Laguna Beach this season...before I begin my rant, I have to point out something, that I am going to need your feedback on.

Have you ever noticed that whenever they're on the beach as a group, and someone comes to meet them there (i.e. the bonfire where Jason and Alex were kissing infront of Jessica) the person is coming from the direction of the water!? I always get so confused about this - it would seem that they come from the parking lot or the sidewalk, but no, they come from the direction of the water. It's as is they live like mermaids but when emerging from the ocean, they're dry. It blows me away.

Ok, so I just saw this week's episode - one note about last week's episode - was it just me or did you notice that in Cabo they did the same thing as in Laguna - lay on the beach. Uh, ok. What's the point? Oh right - the legal drinking age (which Kristin has been doing pretty much in every episode).

So the true Jessica comes out! The second Kristin is not around she totally trash talks her, and to her mortal enemy no less. It was really funny, cause it seemed like it was a bit of a recruiting effort to get Jessica on their side by delicately planting ideas in her head, except Jessica was already bulldozing all over her "friend." Those Playa Haters!

LC sucks, she's so horrible. And boring, and LAME, and if I never saw her on this show again, I wouldn't even notice.

I have to say, I really like the blonde Alex, I think she's way cute and is easy going. Dumb, but she a bit charming.

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Honey Gangsta said...

Your post reminded me of something I read in an Entertainment Weekly recap of the show:

"To be fair, Jason's arrival did deserve a dramatic embrace. His entrance seemed like some long-lost return. The boy came to the beach bonfire from a distance, as if he had emerged from the ocean, having endured an arduous journey to come upon this roasting of wieners. It was like Greek mythology."