Friday, October 21, 2005

Would YOU hire this fruit cake????

My new favorite thing (I sound like Martha Stewart) is when morons, complete wastes of space, no brain idiots say that people underestimate them because [pick one:] they're a model, pretty, a beauty queen, blonde, popular, or have big boobs. Then they fail miserably at the task at hand - miserably - and walk away with their heads high saying - see, I kicked ass. Umm, no you didn't, you failed miserably.

So are you watching the Apprentice? I just gave you the premise of this moron named Jennifer - who is pretty, blonde, and a beauty queen (triple threat). And of course she went on record to say that people underestimate her because she's a beauty queen. She was the PM and failed miserably. Her presentation was horrible, her management was horrible, and in the board room, she insisted that her team loves to follow her and that she motivates them. If that woman tried to tell me what to do, I would L-A-U-G-H!!!!!!! Please! And at the end of her presentation, she went on camera and claimed what a good job she did. Not so much.

Same with Caprice on the Sureal Life - she went on camera and said how she's underestimated all the time because she's blonde and beautiful and that she uses that to her advantage. ???? What??? What do you do that is so genious that you fool everyone and it works to your advantage?

Does she get like a really big reaction when she can do something right because people just assume she can't do shit? Same with Jessica Simpson, right? Playing it up, so she can come in, at a moment of genious like a stealth bomb and IMPRESS everyone.

Sorry ladies, but it's an everyday day to be sharp and on the ball.

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Honey Gangsta said...

I read this one out loud to the office and we all had a good laugh. Right on the money about defending failure by claiming that you have been underestimated because you have big boobs. Give me a break!!! Where do they find these girls? Like the one from the Bachelor who was eliminated because she was too pretty. "If I were just a little uglier..."