Friday, November 04, 2005

Adam Leaving Loveline - No Reason to Listen

Very, very, very sad news last night. Adam Corolla is leaving Loveline. He has been chosen to host a morning radio show at the time Howard Stern used to host. So he's trading in nights for mornings. This is tragic. Nights I would flip on the program only to discover that Adam was off that night, I would just turn it off. Who cares about the retards calling with their psychotic problems? I only wanted to hear Adam's stories and listen to what he would do if he were in charge. The other night he went on for about 15 minutes about how one time his car was getting towed and how he argued with the tow truck driver and finally just unchained his wheel (as the tow truck was driving away), crashed to the ground, and sped away. That man has a story about everything!

It is also no fun just listening to Dr. Drew give his boring advice without Adam ripping the callers to shreds. I predict the show won't last much longer. Can nothing be done???


NoiXdeCoco said...

No reason to listen is right! I heard about all of the replacements of Howard Stern (not Anna Nicole's Lawyer/"friend") - Adam on the west coast, some unnkown guy in the mid-west and Diamond David Lee Roth in the East (aren't I lucky?). But I had no idea that he would leave loveline. That's his baby, you're right, without him, who cares.

Does he think he can compete with Kevin & Bean (10 days, 23 hours till I get to hear them again)? That sucks.

But on a good note, I found his other show (on TLC no less, after searching for at least 20 min on the Comedy Channel) and they had a marathon on the weekend, so I taped all of them. Can't wait to watch.

NoiXdeCoco said...

One more thing - WTF is up with having three replacements for that worthless piece of garbage Howard Stern anyway? One guy couldn't fill his immoral and disgusting shoes?

NoiXdeCoco said...

I love the tears :)