Friday, November 04, 2005

Minority Nite on The Apprentice (And a Little French for You)

Last night, The Donald discovered that there was a gay man on one of his teams. His reaction was hilarious, because he was trying to play it off - not very effectively. When he asked the guy in the board room - are you a homosexual? Does that mean you don't find Felisha attractive? [Yes Donald, that's what it means] Like it's the first time he's been around a gay man - the Donald kind of reminded me of Julie and her amazement at her black roommate.

Then he asked another apprentice - did you know Clay is gay? Yes. Did you? Yes. Did you ALL know he's gay? Group: yes! Ok Donald, now that we ALL know that Clay is gay, can we please go on??? He looked at Clay like - wow, I should have my picture taken with this gay man, I might never come accross another one. I kept thinking, is this a joke? Has he really never been around another gay man in his life? Then he freakin' said - "that's why restaurants have menus, I might like steak but someone else might like pasta." WTF? What does that mean?

The second guy who was in the bataille de la force in the boardroom was a Jewish guy who turned out to be a closet virgin. Trump just ripped on him for having no sexual experience. Then he said - that's ok, you will one day, and it will get you in trouble like it did me. And he went on for like five more sentances about how he lost money because of sex and how powerful it is, and why it will land him in some bad situations. Then he ends with - but it's the greatest thing...or something like that, I only heard part of it over the sound of my vomitting in the kitchen.

Then the Donald went on about how the gay guy is not anti-semetic because he said the jewish guy was a tight-ass...blah blah blah. It was truly a new moment on the Apprentice.

The third minority - the one who finally got fired - was mentally challenged. Poor guy. His pièce de résistance was the cab ride where he couldn't formulate a single sentance, just a bunch of words randomly held together by "you know, you know, you know, you know."
WOW! What an episode.

If you go here - you can watch part of the firing of Markus, and you HAVE to watch Jennifer M's little speach about how the team failed miserably but she was a success - she's still claiming triumpth.

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Honey Gangsta said...

Sounds like the Donald is totally losing it. Never met a gay man? He's married to a model for crying out loud! She must know dozens! Oh wait, that's right, he's only married to her TECHNICALLY. In real life they've never actually heard each other speak.

I watched the clip. The Donald just kept saying how the guy talks too much. Funny - a man after his own heart? Then the guy's taxi drive. You're right: you know, you know, you know. Nothing really to say.