Thursday, November 03, 2005


Have you seen Prison Break? There's this guy whose real first name is Wentworth - no joke. He's the man that's been missing from my life. He's so HOT!

The show is not bad either, especially in the beginning, it was great. There was this one sceen where the evil inmates were trying to get information from Michael Scofield (Wentworth) and were threatening to cut off his toes if he didn't give it. As I was watching, I was thinking - surely, they won't cut off his toes, it will probably come to the last second, just like in everyother show and then he'd spill the beans. But not on Prison Break- they freakin' CUT OFF HIS TOES! And they showed how it was bleeding all over the place. And now, he limps, it's great.

But now, as you can guess from the unfortunate title, there isn't much going on in the show except for the very cliche: Just about to break out, but we hit a snag week after week, because really, if they broke out, that would be the end of Prison Break.

And thought this guy is extremely hot, like 11, he kinda has the same facial expression and he's waaaaaaaaayyy too pretty to be in prison.

But I still recommend it, because he's hot and he has a full-body tattoo of the blueprint of the jail that looks nothing like a blue print. It's kind of amusing to see what he'll use his tattoo for next.

Oh, and true to form, the bad guys are so disgusting looking. All greasy and gross, it's great.

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Honey Gangsta said...

This is another one I have not seen. I'm beginning to think I may need Tivo as well. Although, then I would never get anything done (not that I do anyway). It sounds a lot like Alias - you know, the exact same every week. Which party will Sidney be crashing THIS week, and what disguise will she need to do it? Same formula, different costume week after week. He IS definitely a hottie, though. It may be worth a watch...