Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Adam's TV Show Completes My Life

I have discovered a delightful little piece of television pleasure on TLC called "The Adam Corolla Project." The premise is that Adam Corolla ripped down his boyhood home and has hired the most worthless idiots on the planet (his friends, of course) to rebuild it and then sell it for a million dollars. It's hilarious because it's usually him checking up on the construction crew and they haven't accomplished anything since he left last. So he's always annoyed and frustrated and trying to get them motivated. There's this one South American guy named Ozzy who, instead of doing construction work, decided his job would be to barbecue - all the time! So all he would do is clean the grill, prepare the meat, and cook stuff for everyone all day long. Then one day one of the other guys' mom came over and brought them all sandwiches and Ozzy had a fit and stormed away. He was so offended. It's hilarious because he can't really speak English so he just blusters. And all the while Adam is narrating, saying, "Ozzy doesn't realize this is a construction site. He thinks he's on a Mexican soap opera." Imagine that in his sarcastic voice - it's great.

Last night Adam was shopping for kitchen appliances. He was looking at a stove and here was the conversation:

Adam: (about the burners) These look like 36 inches, right?
Salesguy: 34
Adam: Don't ever correct me on camera. Let's try again. How big are these?
Salesguy: 36 inches
Adam: No, they look like 34 to me.

It was awesome! Somehow I'm afraid the blog won't do it justice, so you must tune in.


NoiXdeCoco said...

OMG!!! I must tune it. It sounds awesome! And now that I have DVR, I'll never miss another episode again.

I saw the Too Late with Adam, and after three minutes I had to earse it for all of eternity from my machine and my head. It was so bad. So i wasn't too excited about any other Adam shows, but this does sound good.

I hope I haven't missed too many episodes...

Honey Gangsta said...

I've only seen two episodes, and I know they weren't the first. It's not hard to catch up because it's not really a chronological story. The only thing that indicates the passage of time is that the house makes VERY slow progress, and they work on different rooms in different episodes. You get to see Adam's wife, too - it's great. She said that when they were first introduced he said to her, "Are you a single gal?" Can't you totally hear him saying that in his Loveline voice? It would be enough to win MY heart.