Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Saw Related

Firstly, I'm recommending this format to my mom for our next Burt girls picture. I think the tops would look swell over the garments...
So I caught "Related" on last night's rerun. It was cute in a cheesy tv way. It's funny, too, because I'm close with my sister, but we don't act like that at all. It's a cute premise, though. It's like a girlfriend show, except that they're all...., oh what is that word? How to describe? Oh yes - Related! I liked the second oldest one the best. She totally looks like one of my good friends from college. ALSO, I noticed the "British" husband. Okay, even I could tell that is not a British accent, and I am not good at distinguishing those things. He is totally Australian. How strange that there doesn't even seem to be an attempt at making sure he sounds English. I wonder if he is actually an Australian actor, or if he is an American actor that can not tell the difference... Hmm. Last night's episode made me remember all of the Thanksgivings that my mom spent teaching me how to roll dough, baste a turkey, bake a pie, and season sweet potatoes. Then she would carefully and lovingly write out the instructions on pink scented note cards and laminate them for posterity. Oh wait, that never happened. My sister and I DID, however, swap sex stories over Starbucks. Wait. No, sorry that's not true, either. Hey, didn't you think the sisters were pretty bitchy to their dad's girlfriend? They didn't have to be SO disgusted about wearing the aprons...


NoiXdeCoco said...

Great! I'm glad you saw it! I really like it.

I didn't see the Thanksgiving episode yet, it's recorded. Though I have to say that I'm not looking forward to an episode filled with tears and remembering Dana Delaney...maybe I'll skip this week's. I bet next week will be a lot better.

This post was hilarious! Made me laugh!

So I'm coming home tonight, when are we going to hang? Call me.

kreleia said...

Hmmmm... even though I love you guys, I really don't think we could all scrunch together quite that closely. That, and my upper arms would look hideous in a top like that. :D

Come to think of it, I believe I misplaced all of my pink, scented, laminated recipe cards that were signed (meticulously, of course) "With Love, Mom" in big swirly letters. Damn. No wonder my culinary life is falling apart. Le sigh.

HAH! I've caught you're presence online now. I shall be visiting. ;)