Friday, November 11, 2005

The Worst Proposal in the History of Love

Chris Knight is a cruel man. Did you see the finale of My Fair Brady? The whole season was a huge uncomfortable moment - Adrienne trying to get a man to marry her, Chris telling her to get her own life, then when she tries, he fills her head with confusion.

Tell me if you saw the proposal or not, it was horrible. If not, I'll tell you all about it, but if you have, then I don't want to re-live it.

Here's my final note on this whole situation - if I were a twice divorced man, and I was in love with a woman who is probably the hottest and youngest I'll ever get I would jump at the chance to marry her. What is going through his pea brain? What could possibly be his objections? It's his third time, obviously he doesn't take marriage that seriously, so what's the big deal?

Now if that were me and I was in love with a man who would constantly pressure me to marry him, I would run and run and run. And let's say I stayed and was convinced to get married because in the end I do love him, there's no way, under any circumstance that I would feel ok with getting married, even years after, because I know that I wasn't ready and it wasn't my decision. Why would Adrianne want to put the man she loves in a position to do what she wants regardless of how he feels? She forced this thing on him - it was terrible. She should have let him come to his own conclusion, even if by playing games and making him jealous. That way it was his idea.

This is how you could tell she's 22 - very naieve, very dumb. Doesn't she know, now it's going to be all her fault when it all falls apart. Plus she's so tacky and trashy and gross. And he's a totally moron to be trotting around with a young little girl who is obviously over her head about life. I guess they're perfect for each other.

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Honey Gangsta said...

I did not see this episode, but I'm sure I will catch it on one of its ten thousand reruns. Yes, I must agree with what you are saying about both of them. He's not really going to do any better than Adrienne, but then again, maybe he just doesn't want to be married anymore. He's obviously blown it twice. Why go for another go-round with someone who is really just a child? Besides that, they've had nothing but a whirlwind courtship, most of which has been on camera. There's nothing to base a marriage on. They haven't even known each other that long. He would be wise to steer clear and not mess up another set of lives.

To her, this is all very romantic and exciting. She's just been inducted into the world of semi-celebrity, and here is this ex-child star paying attention to her and claiming to be in love with her. I mean, really, she came from a van down by the river to his beach front condo in Manhattan Beach (certainly not a blue shack), where she doesn't have to do ANYTHING but be pretty and go shopping. Why wouldn't she try to lock it down? To her, getting marrried means that all of this becomes permanent. You're totally right, she's completely naive, completely in over her head, has no idea what she's doing or the long-term implications. Those are all things HE should know and be more careful about.

NEXT - again something you brought up - WHO ON EARTH wants to bully someone in to marrying them???? Why is that romantic or flattering in the least? Besides that obvious nonsense, who would want to marry someone who can be bullied into getting married? He's more than twice her age and nevertheless acts like he's totally powerless to her charms. And by charms I mean threats and demands. There's no way he considers her an equal. More like a little girl he's babysitting - remember how he didn't want her to buy a car without him? It's so messed up. It's like he knows that his role will be to clean up her messes and take her orders and he's volunteering because he's a little afraid of her. BIZARRE.

Nothing more.