Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Show you Would Like

Have you seen this WB show called Related? It's really good. I really like it. It's about 4 sisters who are all very different - you got the oldest who'se married to a hot aussie (though they keep claiming he's British), then there's the second oldest who is all sensible and stuff.

Then there's the crazy one who is a party planner and freaks out about everything - she's my favorite. She totally reminds me of someone, but I can't put my finger on it. So if you figure it out, let me know cause it's driving me crazy. And then there's the youngest who just went to college.
It's about relationships, so I think you would also really like it. This is a Jamie/Niki show we should be watching together :)

Did you check out Prison Break last Monday? It's taped for me, but I'm sure they were just about to break out of prison when they hit a snag. Sigh.

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Honey Gangsta said...

Find out why critics are elated... about "Related." I heard that so many times last week! I actually haven't watched it yet. I heard it is from the creators of Sex and the City. The commercials for it looked SOOO cheesy - you know, very cliche and unoriginal, also how in the posters they're all getting out of a cab holding Starbucks cups? - and yet I'm strangely curious. Could this be another "Girls' Club?" I will have to tune in. Dang it - why don't I have TiVo????