Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I was Elated at Related

Did you see last night's Related? It was so funny. I laughed out loud like four times...Ginnie's "British" husband's parents came to visit for xmas (they did NOT have a British accent, even though they kept reminding you that they're coming from Britain to visit, and the British are cold, etc) and the mom does not like Ginnie (she calls her Jenny), she kept taking cheap shots at her and at night she asked her husband to defend her next time. His response - well, how will I know when? Her response - I'll dig my fingernails in your back and you'll know.

So the next day, they were looking at photos from earlier that day and the mom cropped out Ginnie from all of them so she dug her finger nails in her husbands back. Mom's explanation - I took the photos to show our friends back home, they don't know who Ginnie is, so why should they have to look at her. To which the husband said - that makes sense.

The next day, the mom kept taking photos of just Ginnie sitting in her chair, while she sat there uncomfortably. She then gave Ginnie a present and it was a tacky picture frame that said "I ♥ NY" and she said - "it's so you." Then Ginnie asked - how? How is this frame me? And the mom said - "Well, you love NY, and you love to have your picture taken." Then Ginnie blew up and they had a big fight - it was the funniest thing I saw on TV all week. HILARIOUS!!!!


Honey Gangsta said...

Since we already discussed this episode on the phone, let me just say, YIKES!!! That orange picture is not flattering of any of them!

Honey Gangsta said...

Now will you please leave the room so I can have sex with this guy who just came through the window? Go make some hot chocolate or something.