Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I ♥ Ray

On last night's Adam Carrolla Project, Adam's pet assistant got fed up with Adam's attitude and threatened to quit. So Adam sent him to a mystery person, who is Adam's "friend" or colleague or something...and his voice over as we meet him is - "usually when someone is giving us trouble, we get rid of them, so we'll see what he has to say." Then this industry guy tells the poor assistant - we have thousands of resumes of people waiting to take your place!!!! He flat out spells it out to this guy with fake sincerity that he's disposable. OMG! They even try to make being an assistant to Adam a big Hollywood thing - dude, W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R! I bet that's how that industry guy is able to cry himself to sleep at night - thinking he wipes celebrity ass as being a desirable profession.

On another note - I LOVE Ray! He's my James Hetfield. Just love him. I'm so sad that there's only one more episode left. If you ever see Adam, tell him you have a friend who is in love with Ray, seriously.


Honey Gangsta said...

Oh no! Is this the little gay assistant? I heard him once on Loveline. That was back in the day when Adam still graced Loveline with his presence. They did this whole spiel about how smart the assistant (Matt I think?) was for sending Adam a really funny letter along with his resume saying that he wanted to work in "the business." Adam said that they didn't have anything for him at the time, but his creativity and bravery for sending the letter stood out in his mind and when they started to plan for the Adam Corolla Project, he thought of Matt again and called him.

First of all, I have to say that stories like that are highly misleading. Don't they know that EVERYONE does that? Remember when you worked at Gold Mountain? How many letters like that did you guys get EVERY DAY?!? I don't know why something clicked with Adam from Matt's letter, but to talk like that is the way to get a job in Hollywood is flat out UNTRUE. And I'm sure Adam has gotten tons of those kind of letters.

So now poor Matt thinks he's "the chosen one" because he wrote a witty letter that got into the right hands and got him hired, but NO! They burst his bubble with the old "Do you know how many people would kill for your job?" line. That is only one of the thousands of maddening things about the entertainment industry. They think they can treat you however they want because people are lined up around the block for your job. And it's just because those people are ignorant suckers themselves. If they have half a brain, they'll quit, too. Shame on Adam for being so Hollywood. I expected more from him. :(

NoiXdeCoco said...

I know, it's freaking TERRIBLE. Who thinks it's a good idea to threaten someone into behaving? When has that ever worked? Does it work for the asshole's doing the threatening? Prob. not.

I'm thinking they are so dumb (which is very characteristic of execs at entertainment companies) that they can't find a better way to coarse people into doing what they want - so they threaten. MADDENING!!!

NoiXdeCoco said...

Isn't Ray HOT??????