Thursday, December 15, 2005

Prison Break = Piece of Shit

The finale of Prison Break was sometime in the near past (I can't tell anymore, cause I ONLY watch DVR, seriously, even if it's on that night, I let it go for a half hour then start into it on the recorded version so I can skip the commercials.)

I had two episodes to watch, each an hour long. So after two hours of Prison Break, guess what happened, go ahead fill in the blank: ________________________________________

That's right
NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!! And this was the season finale. Nothing! Nada, Niet, Zero. They ALMOST broke out and then - what do you know - another obstical stopped them. What a piece of shit show. I spent the whole 1st season of Prison Break watching for nothing. I am so fucking angry. This is a movie, not a TV show. How can they be so ridiculous to think they can make a multi-season show about breaking out of a prison? You guessed it - by never breaking out.

I want those 8+ hours BACK! Every mofo episode was a freakin' carbon copy of the last episode. They're trying to save one man's life, and in the season at least 10 other people have died.

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