Thursday, December 22, 2005

Project Runway is a Delight!

I've been complaining about now I will give props where props are due.

I didn't watch season one, because it was on Bravo and at a weird time...but alas, with DVR everything is possible. I've seen three episodes, and I LOVE it already. I think you would like it too because it's mostly about people, as with any reality show (I love living in the reality show era).

There is this designer named Santino - when we first meet him, he has a quiet confidence about him. He even wins the very first challenge and says - it's great that I start my time here with a win - a bit modest, with a hint of cocky. Great.

The second week, he actually had a kick ass outfit that he designed, but they gave the win to someone else. And when the winner walked into the room with all the others, all happy and gleeful that she won, Santino announces in front of everyone - "They just didn't want to give me two in a row, that's why you won" or something really cheap like that. Then the editors went to work, cause the winners facial expression was magic - she had the most sour look - but who really knows if that was her reaction or if that footage was from when she came out of a bathroom that was recently occupied by a male.

Third week was THE BEST! Their challenge was to design a life size outfit that "my scene" barbie (which is so wrong) was going to wear and the winner of the challenge actaully got the honor of having that design go on all the barbies including the designer's face being put on the box.

So again, Santino had a fantastic outfit, and when they called his name to be told simply that he gets to go on in the competition this is how it went:
Heidi: Santino, we love your design
Santino: [freaks out, squats to the floor in excitement, makes a fist and yells:] YES!!!!
Heidi: You're in. You may leave the runway.
Santino: [Looks mortified, bows head and shimmies off the runway]

Backstage he sat on the floor in a corner totally mortified or maybe he was totally pissed that he didn't win and didn't give his behavior a second thought.

Anyway - what a freaking moron. I love it!

And a word on Heidi - Heidi Klum, bimbo personified. When she comes out to talk to the contestants informally, she's bubbly and loud and had that general "I'm beautiful, so everything that I say matters" attitude. You know - "make me look like the most beautiful woman on earth - me" aura..........Then when it's time for direction or judging or anything "serious" she takes mile long pauses between half sentences. It's so annoying. It's like she kicks it into serious mode and the only way she knows how to do that is by being dramatic. Except she's not dramatic, it's more like down syndrome. :(

Heidi - Auf Viedersehn!!!!!!!
weg von mit Ihrem Kopf Sie stumme Blondine :)


Honey Gangsta said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm laughing so hard reading this! I don't know how I missed it previously. It must be that disease we both have of being physically unable to read the complete version of anything. I love your description of Santino's reaction to being told he can stay. So funny! Squatting down and making a victory fist, etc. Ha ha ha ha!!! Then your German message to Heidi. I couldn't figure out what it said, so I reverse translated it in babel fish and here is the English version: "away of with their head it mute Blondine." Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I'm guessing you're saying off with your head, mute blonde, or something? Babel fish always does the polite tense, and then when you reverse translate it confuses polite tense with plural tense. In German, some of those words are the same even though the polite tense means "you" and the plural tense means "you all" or whatever. So funny!

NoiXdeCoco said...

It was "off with your head, stupid blondie!"

What is Babelfish good for?????