Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Worth Missing

What can you say about these two monkeys? I know what question I can ask – who are they? Who are the Gastineau girls? Besides having a show called the Gastineau girls, what do they do? I saw an episode last season where Brittny (that’s how she spells it) was trying to get a modeling job and no one would hire her because she wasn’t tall enough and she walked funny, and she always had on too much make-up. Then someone hired her to be in a show because she was a celebrity. ???? Ahhh, what? No comprendo. The other episode I saw last season was when Brittny wanted to move out because she had a dog, so she looked at apartments that were like mine – in her price range, and of course they were like slums to her celebrityness…then she looked at places on Park Avenue, two bedroom huge apartments that were like $12,000 a month, and she was elated and she skipped home to tell her mommy she found an apartment that she wanted her mommy to pay for. Except her mommy couldn’t even pay for her own apartment. Then Brittny, who is in the elite circle of intelligence challenged with Jessica Simpson, threw a fit about how she’s going to pay $12K a month when she doesn’t have a job. This is entertainment?

The first episode of this season was about how Brittny moved to LA to be with her boyfriend, and she’s loving life, and loving LA and loving being away from her wretched mother. Then we see her mom dining in a restaurant with her girlfriends when a random guy comes up to her to tell her that he can get her work in entertainment! All she needs is to be a duo with her daughter. So before the lunch is over, Lisa is huddled on the ground behind the restaurant telling Brittny that she has to come back!!!! Life or death! Because in reality, the mom is too old and too surgeoned to get anything on her own – and she needs Brittny to be at her side at every step. Brit even said that she’s her mom’s husband, because she has to go with her everywhere.

So this shady guy, who knows who he is, tells her some crap, and she’s turning her daughter’s life inside out, she didn’t even have time to go home. You could sell this lady some nice beach front property in Arizona. So Brit eventually comes home after much begging and pleading on both ends, and she whines and complains and moans the whole time. The mom even starts to cry when Brit threatens to not come to an after party with her. It’s so sad. She has no man, so she needs her daughter to be at her side, except she’s 22 and needs to have her own life. It’s almost uncomfortable to watch, like I’m embarrassed for her. Gives me the heebie geebies.

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Honey Gangsta said...

Oh my gosh! I've heard of this show but never watched it because, like you, I have no idea who the Gastineau Girls are. Your recap reminds me of an epsiode I saw of Run's House on MTV. That's the guy from Run DMC and his family. It's a reality show, too. On one episode his 2 teenage daughters decided they wanted to find an apartment in Manhattan so they could have their own place. Some mega-realtor heard who they were and started showing them properties like the penthouse in Trump Tower. The girls totally loved it and knew they wouldn't find anything else they liked as much. The realtor told them it cost like 24 million dollars up front, and then they would pay maintenence fees of about $30k per month. The girls were a little surprised, but asked their dad anyway. He was so funny. He wouldn't even let them get a sentence out. He was like, "I know you're not asking me for a 24 million dollar apartment." They kept trying to describe it and he wouldn't let them.

So next he sent them out with a realtor and told them they could spend $2,000 a month. You can imagine the two-bedroom places they saw. They were actually okay, but these girls had just come from Trump Tower. One of the places was directly across from a prison. They both just stood there looking worried. So at the end they decided they would just live at home. Ha ha ha!!!