Friday, January 13, 2006

The Devil wears Fur

Project Runway is truly a gem! If this isn’t your 911 call to get DVR then I don’t know what is!! Let me tell you a little more about Santino, the Devil. A couple of weeks ago, they had to team up in threes and make a line of lingerie – so that the three of them that had something in common. The Devil hates this one girl – Diana. Who really does have a horrible screechy, six-year old voice when she talks. So the Devil looked at the group Diana was in (with two other girls) and says out loud – “none of them have even had sex before.” One of the women, naturally, is a mom. This is the mentality level of Santino. He even said in a confessional that he HATES DIANA and then he mimicked her voice – it was so sad and cruel.

Then last week he won the challenge to design a party dress for Nicky Hilton and the following episode, he couldn’t stop talking about how he’s going to design everything for the Hilton’s, everything in the Hilton gift shops, etc, etc. While the roommates were making finger-down-the-throat faces while Santino talked.

The Devil has this tendency to over embellish his outfits with ribbons, and stings, and braids, and other bedazzling items, especially around the bosom. [See photos]

The very best episode was this week’s, when they had to pair up again and no one wanted to work with him, and finally the second best guy, Nick (the winner of the Barbie doll outfit, and personally the best designer there) hesitantly joins him. Santino kept saying something like: ‘we are going to have the best dress and win this, please. Look at everyone else, we are so much better!’ Cut to the judging, he was in the last two worst outfits group and he just stood there, rolling his eyes, and being super cocky that he wasn’t going home. When they had to defend their creation, Nick made a statement about how Santino has a tendency to over embellish and that he held him back and feels it was a major accomplishment to not have a crazy looking outfit. OMG!!!! You should have seen Santino’s face when he heard this…he was SO DISGUSTED with Nick for not worshiping the ground he walks on. He is such an asshole!!!!! Diana and team ARE OUT! Auf Viedersehn.

Here is a fellow hater’s opinion:

Santino acted like he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic when Nick was rightfully chosen as the winner in the Barbie challenge last week, and a clip showed him touching Nick's creation, and Santino declaring he assisted Nick, yeah right. Also Santino looked like he was going to go batty when he was chosen LAST as the team leader on the Lingerie project. He should have been glad Heidi gave him a chance at all, yet he acted put out that he was chosen last. Of course we cannot forget to mention the meltdown Santino had when Emit had problems understanding his delusional designs. Instead of Emit calmly telling him - "Hey man this crap stinks"- he tried to work on the stuff, the best he could.

Then on the Runway, Santino decides to throw a temper tantrum because he has been called out for creating such unworthy lingerie. Emit is thrown under the bus, since Santino is pissed at him, probably for dressing better than him, or because he is taller than the grumpy Santino. Clearly it was Santino that screwed up. Santino even went so far as to sass Nina while she critiqued his crap; he very nastily disagreed with her. Santino should be nicknamed Psycho Santino, not only for his whacked out designs, but also for the unruly beard, and the horrible way he dresses.

Santino's bound mess of a dress won, but should have gone with Nick's silky Hollywood retro. (Just another reason to hate the Hiltons, in my book.) The blogosphere is going nuts on the show, including digging up this depressing news: Santino comes out as bisexual, which means that the egomaniacal, gangly-toothed disaster can't be blamed on the straights OR the gays. Sigh. It takes a village to raise an asshole.


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This show sounds great! I just looked up when it's on, so I'll try to watch. My attempt at purchasing a "bundle" for my media needs was unsuccessful. I think when Kaplan starts paying for my internet I'll be in a better place to negotiate. In the meantime, I'll see about purchasing just DVR.

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