Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm FINALLY Posting About Daisy

Okay, this has taken me WAY too long to do, but I'm finally posting about the delightful new comedy "Daisy Does America." (Do you ever almost finish a post and then it disappears? I don't know if I'm not dexterous enough for a laptop keyboard or what, but it happens to me more than it should.) SO! My first experience with Daisy has her trying out life as a wedding planner. An interesting thing to do while exploring "Americana," right? I mean, don't girls everywhere get excited about their weddings and put a lot of planning into the occasion? So why would wedding planning be featured as a completely American phenomenon? The conclusion I came to is that America is known worldwide as the place where anything and everything is overblown and tacky. Precisely why Daisy would choose to explore wedding planning in some hick town. Overblown? Probably. Tacky? Definitely. So first she gets a letter of recommendation from some random wedding planner in New York or something, that JUST says she met Daisy. That's it. Not that she's smart or creative or a hard worker, no. Just that they met. So Daisy presents the letter in hickville to a local wedding planner who's like, "I have no idea who that is, but come on in." Ha ha ha. So Daisy learns about mints, nuts, and punch, the classic tacky American wedding staples. Then she takes her new knowledge to some crazy druggie reverend who's been married more times than he cares to admit. Didn't you love when he said he married a well-known singer and Daisy goes, "Dolly Parton?" No. "Shania?" No. Just some local gospel singer. Too funny. Shania indeed! Then Daisy finally finds the mentor she's been looking for: LaGail (sp?). Here is my favorite quote from LaGail, "You can't mess with the day-core." That was when Daisy pulled a plastic grocery bag out of a curtain that was serving as the stuffing. I also loved that when Daisy presented her idea of being a wedding "Planager," LeGail just goes, "No." You can't tell if it's the editing or what, but it looked like she totally vetoed the idea of being a "Planager." But then Daisy kept calling herself that through the rest of the episode anyway. And we can't forget LaDaisy. "I'm LaDaisy, your wedding Planager. Would you like ice sculptures? Thrones? Native Americans in loin cloths?" Hilarious!

Another charming moment was when LaDaisy met a wedding party that consisted of three men whose names were: Porky, Spike, and Laser. I wrote those down, so I'm not wrong. Porky, Spike, and Laser. At first she thought he said Blazer, which actually would have been funnier - almost. Tell me she didn't pick the tackiest place on earth to become a Planager. Then she had her Planager debut, complete with ice sculptures, thrones, a red carpet, a 6 tier cake, bubble machine, etc. And the getaway car that said "Just Married by La Daisy." Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! As if she performed the ceremony.

One last honorable mention was the girl who did LaDaisy's makeover. The hillbilly ringlets and the flaming purple eye shadow and fuschia lipstick. And LaDaisy goes, "Is there any chance that this doesn't look natural?"

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NoiXdeCoco said...

OMG! I love Daisy and her weird ideas of what consitutes Americana...being a wedding planager, participating in a beauty pageant in an even smaller hick town than where she was a planager. You should have seen that episode, her make-up gal asked who she wanted to look like, who her idol is, and she said Whoopi Goldberg!

I haven't seen last night's episode, but I have it taped. I can't wait!