Friday, February 24, 2006

What's the Color of Hypocrisy??


Have you heard her new song, "Stupid Girls?" Or more importantly, have you see the video?

"It's a commentary on the new breed of celebrity currently dominating and obsessing the western world’s media. Spitting satirical jibes at the slew of heiresses, glamour models, pop artists and any other figure of fame who is famous for being famous."

Basically, she makes fun of Paris, The Olsen Twins and Jessica Simpson by imitating them.

Ok, let's back up...Pink started her POP career by singing gangsta pop and acting all hard core and troublesome; this was the image she portrayed. Then she did a satire on an award show where she acted like Christina Aguilera, live on stage, and made the point that Christina was a whore. Kinda the same thing as this video.

Pink's next step? To whore it up WITH Christina in Lady Marmalade video in her underwear and tons of hooker make-up. Nice. And now, after she's been away from the music scene she makes this video. She's such a freaking hypocrite!

She asks - what happened to a female president? Yeah, Pink, Ms. no talent pop star, what happened to that? Are you contributing to making that happen? No!

You know her next step will probably be a playboy spread WITH Jessica. UGH! I can't stand Pink, she's so unattractive, and untalented, and a hypocrite, and it's always Britney who is talentless and screws up. But Britney is powerful, and she works hard, and she made an incredible name for herself, and success. And her music is TEN TIMES better than Pink - that no talent, hypocrite, slob. I'd like to know why no one gives her crap, especially after she appeared almost naked in a video and is now making fun of girls who appeared almost naked in videos???


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree about Pink. I like her strong voice. Take away the makeup, costuming, scandels, videos, etc from her & Britney, & Pink would win a vocal contest, hands down. I think the new video & song are pretty funny. I don't think she presents herself as anti-pop star as much as she's just making fun of the whole idea, herself somewhat included. "I'm tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears. She's so pretty. That just ain't me." She's right about that.

NoiXdeCoco said...

Pink is still a hypocrite...she does exactly what they do and then makes fun of them.

The thing is, I've never heard Britney go and publicly talk about how Pink, Jessica, Christina, Beyonce, etc are [fill the blank with something negative] - yet all of them have gone and publicly condemn Brit for what she chooses to do with her life - professionally and personally, which is really not any of their business.

I have a lot of respect for The Brittster because she works hard and because she minds her own business. She certainly doesn't spend her time making videos making fun of anyone else. I really like that. Maybe that's why she's the biggest star of them all.

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Honey Gangsta said...

I can't comment without upsetting Gnomecorp.

NoiXdeCoco said...

Please do...I won't get upset. Just be unbiased.

Honey Gangsta said...

You are so funny! You crack me up. Ok, I'll comment. Yes Pink has a lot of nerve acting like she's above all of this when it's exactly the path she took to fame. Give me a break - she's no role model. I'm sure the view is much more pleasant when you're already on top - I would like to have seen her try to do a video like this when she was first starting out. Yeah right. It's quite hilarious to listen to people dog the system when the system has run their lives.

Where I differ is that I'm not going to defend Brit Brit. I just don't think she's done anything more noble than any of the other ones. They've all basically done the same sort of thing. No, she didn't make fun of her contemporaries, but neither did most of the others. I'm not sure that she gets props for that. She's really done a good job making herself look foolish in the public eye. Whether or not it's anyone's business, and whether or not she's worked hard to be a star, she's screwed herself over quite nicely. Should her personal life matter as far as her music goes? Probably not, but it does. When the public can't take her seriously, it's going to hurt her career.

HOWEVER, the public is totally fickle, so Brit Brit has every opportunity to redeem herself. She only has to make a good move and she's back in everyone's good graces. No doubt she is a very important figure in her industry in the last 10 years, so hopefully she can pull herself together and make additional contributions.