Friday, March 10, 2006

Top Runway

Man, what a great show this is…so sad it’s over. I hope there’s an ‘After the Final Runway’ show. Poor Santino, he’s evilness is so misunderstood. He got all concerned about all the crap he said on TV. Some people are so funny. They have to see themselves say a bunch of evil shit on TV to realize that – Hey, I’m kinda evil.

I watched both last week’s and this week’s two part finale in one sitting (LOVE that DVR), and last weekend I watched the last two episodes of season 1, also the finale. Comparatively, I liked season 1’s collection a lot better. I felt like Jay’s stuff was AMAZING! Loved every piece, and it was different and had a theme. Kara’s was amazing as well, loved her aviator themed pieces that were made of luxurious materials. (You can see their runway looks here)

But I shared Michael Kors’ feeling of being under-whelmed with this season’s collections. They were in line with the last show’s plain dresses, nothing special. I did like Santino’s collection the best, which is odd, cause I usually don’t care for his ridiculous stuff. But this line was BEAUTIFUL. And I liked Daniel’s items as well, but they were very understated. I loved all the details he had in his clothes, and how they were made, but I think the details were lost in the patterns he chose, which was unfortunate. I think he deserved to win.

I like Chloe’s line the least. In fact, I thought she had no chance when she brought out her line that looked like, according to Santino, a couch. It was so true. Those big bright satin puffy sleeves from the 80s were ridiculous. I totally didn’t get her line at all. Maybe it was so ridiculous that it came back to being stylish…I don’t know. I did like how her seams were curved and stuff. So funny how the judges can see all that from the runway show, I’m always surprised at how fine a detail they can see, but it never occurs to me.

I’m going to miss this show. I kinda want to get the first season on DVD.

I stayed awake to watch Top Chef…what a funny ass show. And not on purpose either. I didn’t think I could get into this, as it’s about a topic I could care less about. But the funniest thing is the look on the judges faces when the chef’s bring in their dishes with an explanation. Each one of the judges sit there quietly and they make this funny face – like if I were to bring in a dish and I said – ‘This is a rack of lamb, with cottage cheese, and sour cream basting, and a side of mayonnaise ketchup” they’re look would say something like – “Oh, you’ve GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, do you EXPECT me to eat this pile of shit?”

That’s the best way I could describe it. It was almost as if they were in pain, it was the funniest thing. And then the head judge lady said after all the dishes were presented in a cheery, bubbly voice – “let’s eat!” I think it was the editing. Like they took face shots of the judges while on the toilet, and used those expressions in the judging, I don’t know.


Honey Gangsta said...

I'm FINALLY commenting. Hooray! Yes, I agree about Santino. He seemed almost surprised about what a jackass he was on the show. But he did seem like he felt bad about hurting people's feelings, too.

I, too, watched the season 1 finale and was much more impressed with all three collections. They seemed much more edgy. Like how Jay's had headphones, and then Kara's was the whole aviator theme. It was pretty funny how they made such a HUGE deal about her getting free shoes made (which was kinda shady I think), and then the final decision was just to tell the judges to ignore the shoes. After all that? They made it seem like such a scandal and sent her scurrying to cover it up and then all they did was tell the judges to ignore the shoes. Huh? That third lady was a sketchy bitch, too. She annoyed the crap out of me just seeing one episode.

So yes, compared to last season, this season's final collections were pretty boring. Santino's was definitely the prettiest and most interesting, but toned down like 10 levels from everything he did on the show. This was their chance to let loose and show the world their special style and they all did kind of ordinary stuff. They should have thrown caution to the wind and realized that even if they didn't win Project Runway, they got a chance to show the world their coolest stuff. I think if Santino had shown 13 pieces that looked like stuff he made in most of the challenges he would have won, just because the judges were underwhelmed with the others. It would have been a "point of view" as they like to say.

I liked some of Chloe's stuff. I really liked her "13th Design," that gold babydoll dress with pockets. That was really cute. Some of them were very 80's high school choir dresses, and some were stuff you could buy at Charlotte Russe. But then a couple of them were really cool. Like there was a dark blue one that had all of this cut-out work going on in the back that looked awesome with the curved seams. It was pretty much classic Chloe, but she could have taken it to another level. I'm glad she won because I consistently loved her designs throughout the season. Maybe that helped influence the judges, too. I think she's very talented and classy.

Honey Gangsta said...


It was interesting how last season's contestants were very grateful to Tim and took his suggestions very seriously. This season they were like, "That fag doesn't know what he's talking about." Like did you see how Daniel totally ignored everything Tim said and insisted he loved his line? I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just an interesting juxtaposition of attitudes. It WOULD suck to work really hard on something for months and then have Tim come in and say he doesn't like it, but on the other hand, Tim is there for a reason. I don't think he's trying to lead them astray. It was funny how he HATED Daniel's handbags and they were Daniel's pride an joy. Then when Daniel couldn't find them Tim was like, "Sometimes things happen for a reason." Poor Daniel and his handbags. I think Daniel is uber-talented and I'm sure he'll have an awesome career. They may not have chosen him just because he's young and less experienced - I don't know.

Something else I wanted to say is that I thought that Jay from season 1 was so funny, cute, and endearing in season 1's finale, but when he made appearances on season 2 he seemed like someone had pulled a rip-cord on his ego and it inflated beyond lifesize. He was SO bitchy when he was a guest judge and acted so pompous. Maybe they just caught him at bad moments, but he seemed like such a diva after being so cute when he was unknown.

I'm very excited for season 3. This is a great show.

I haven't seen Top Chef yet, but I'll be sure to catch it.

NoiXdeCoco said...


I also saw Project Jay - where they followed him around after the contest was over, and Heidi asked him to make her a dress for the Emmy's. He made one, flew to LA, then that bitch was being a princess about the whole thing saying things like, it doesn't look expensive, I dont't look like a hot momma in this, etc. So he went back and worked on the dress, worked and worked, and got someone to help him. Then he got a call with like two hours to the Emmy's that she went with another dress!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Heidi's unnecessary ironic existence is besides the point. What I wanted to say was that Jay was a dick and a princess himself throughout that show.