Friday, March 17, 2006

Random Concerns and An Accomplishment

Concern #1 (PS - I am writing this from my apartment tonight, I went to the cable company store, which I've frequented a disturbingly unusual amount of times in my sole year of living in New York, and I got the self-installation kit - including splitting the cable. I hooked this sucker up! BY MY SELF no less...very excited.)

Ok, back to concern #1 - I'm experiencing something that does not yet have a name - and that is anxiety about my DVR's capacity. The other day I was sitting at work and freaking out with stress, when it occured to me that I was concerned about which shows will erase because there's not enough room on my box to fit all the incoming shows. Just that morning, I was trying to watch How to Survive a Shark Attack, and I found myself jumping in and out of the bathroom, and not being able to take a shower until the program went to commercial. After an hour of this, I HAD to erase the show and I still feel unprepared for a shark attack. And honestly, it's a pitty if I die because my DVR couldn't handle the space - and I never learned how to survive a shark attack.Last week was 'survivor week' on Discovery, the week before was 'disaster week'. Add that to all the food network shows about chocolate and cakes, to the Commedy Central Presents, to the weekly, pre- and post-race shows, to the many IFC films I record, and to the 23 season pass shows that I record automatically, I'm a freaking MESS. I come home after work, and I try to cram in about 15 hours of TV a night staying up till 2 or 3am, and that's just to keep up. I feel like I don't even enjoy it anymore.

Clearly, I am in need of an intervention.

Concern #2: I saw Jamie, from Rich Girls, do commentary on an episode of I love the 90s. This is a HUGE (or as The Donald would say - UGE) concern, as it denotes one of two things:
1. This is publicity in preparation for something that will force us to be exposed to her, whether a movie, a guest spot on a sitcom, or an appearance on I love the 80s
2. This is the DEFINITION of being the smartest girl she knows, at which point I have accept that I fail miserably, as I can not hold a candle to an appearance on a VH1 show - I should search the Mensa records to see if she's a candidateConcern #3: Crash beating out Brokeback Mountain for Best Motion Picture was labeled as the biggest upset in Oscar history. Really, the only thing I can ask is - Did anyone see this terrible, boring, uninteresting, dull, un-enlightning, non-light-shedding, I-can't-believe-we're-still-in-the-theater-watching-nothing-happening movie???? Because if someone proposed to me to go again, I think I would start to cry at the possibility of being subjected to this movie again. It's a piece of crap - there's NO WAY ON EARTH this would pass as a movie if it were about a man and a woman. Maybe in an insomnia clinic...

Concern #4: Piece of Shit show is coming back on the air. Sputnik loves this show, and I had to ask her when I was visiting her if she noticed that NOTHING happened on the show through the entire first season? Her answer was - if they break out, it will be over - the show would end.This is the most retarded concept for a TV show. Just knowing it's coming back on the air is pissing me off so much. I'm besides myself in agony - mostly because I will continue to watch this crap show because of the hotties - DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE PRISON BREAK. Set me free, please.

Concern #5: Have you noticed that #1 Single has the WORST boom man. I always find myself searching for the dialog amongst the background noise. It seems like it's a home video or something equally terrible.

Concern #6: I wonder if there's a limit on my sanity staying in tact in porportion to how long I can live in a studio apartment. Psychologically it's wearing me down.

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Honey Gangsta said...

I honestly can't believe this. I am the biggest slacker known to man!!!!!! I just read this post and I am about to die laughing and I'm here at work. I simply must stop whatever productivity I might have been about to embark on and respond to your cries for notice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I'm picturing you jumping in and out of your shower trying to make sure that the shark attack show got recorded. I, on the other hand, don’t feel like I am recording ENOUGH. I come home thinking I will have all these fun things to watch and it’s just some more Girls Next Door or Project Runways I have already seen. I DID program in The Real World and 8th and Ocean last night, but those have only had like 3 episodes each so far. Maybe I should add Top Chef? Oh, I also added Black White. I DO however, stay up late watching what recorded that night usually. Last night I watched about 2 hours of The Real World and 8th and Ocean, but they were just on last night. I think Related might have recorded, so I’ll have to watch that too.

Your concern number 2 is indeed UGE. I can’t believe somebody gave that ugly ho more media time. And yes, the dangers of her possibly promoting something upcoming is also upsetting. Perhaps it’s the novel she was writing. Remember that? What on earth was that dumbass writing a novel about? All of her life experience? How f***ing smart she and all of her friends are? How they’re all going to be so f***ing famous it’s not even funny? Please enlighten me Jamie, I can’t wait to gather wisdom from your experience. It COULD, however, be that this is the only gig she could get, in which case, that’s not so UGE and much less upsetting.

Oscar upset. Yes, I am with you. Whatever. The only thing remotely interesting about the movie is that it is two guys instead of a guy and a girl. And, ironically, that is exactly what made it NOT AT ALL interesting. We don’t need an entire movie about the silent, stoic side of a relationship! The only thing that makes a relationship grow, progress, or change is the presence of a woman. So here are these two bumbling retards meeting in the woods once a year to have a fanny-slam and never getting anywhere and we’re supposed to feel moved? Um, no. By the way, however, Crash was no good either. Well, it was OKAY, but it was SO over the top and exaggerated that I could barely take it seriously. Come on. The part where the little girl jumps in front of her daddy to take a bullet for him? Um, no.

Never watched Prison Break, and I certainly won’t start now.

#1 Single has a few things I’d like to discuss. Watch for a post.

Understand about studio living. What happened to the cute place by the water?