Monday, April 03, 2006

#1 Conundrum

So okay, I have a few thoughts on the latest #1 Single. The last one I saw her boyfriend had decided to move to LA and wanted her to go with him. This is a terrible pickle. First of all, she JUST moved to New York. Does he really think that she’ll be chomping at the bit to pack right up and move back? Secondly, why should she? Why should she uproot everything and follow him to pursue his dreams when they’ve only been together for a short time and they’re both already in New York? Thirdly, this is not a chivalrous request on his part. He’s the man and he should follow her. And he doesn’t even HAVE to follow her – he just has to not leave her.

Now for the other side (provided by Nataliya in a conversation following the episode). Lisa Loeb has embarked on a comprehensive journey to find love. SO comprehensive, in fact, that it has become a reality show. Here is the possibility of love right in front of her, and she’s going to let it pass her by. Secondly, acting careers are extremely flaky and transient, so if she chooses to date an actor, she also chooses that flaky transient life and should be prepared to have to move around. Thirdly, her music career can go with her to LA. Moving to LA does not necessarily interrupt her music career, but NOT moving to LA would definitely interrupt HIS acting career. Next, Lisa is almost 40, quite quirky, really wanting to settle down, and left with not that many options. She should hold on to a good thing, like this guy who is smitten with her. If this guy is so good for her, she should follow him.

Now, what would happen to #1 Single if Lisa moved to New York with her boyfriend? She wouldn’t be on the look for her #1 Single anymore. How much of this has to do with her show and what the producers want?

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NoiXdeCoco said...

I don't know, the whole thing felt very contrived. I think he was smitten with her, but when she started talking babies and marriage, he suddenly has to move to LA.

I don't think she was all that into him in the first place. He was just there.

But let's say for argument's sake, it was for real. Then he should have stayed in NY. It's not like they're in Omaha, and there's no chance to work for an actor. And the same for her, she could and did have a music career in LA, but she's in the middle of her project now, in NY, and she just uprooted her life to NY, it doesn't make sense to go back to LA for her.

I think if he would have given a third option or made an attempt to compromise, she would have been more inclined to consider. I think he's kinda weasly and aweful. And a wuss. First sign of a relationship, and he runs "to his career." Please! Who will be supporting this relationship? Lisa Loeb or some no-name "actor" among actors in LA.