Friday, April 07, 2006

Prison Break = Mental Break

So I have official news about piece of shit show...

Last night I was weeding through the intense amount of programming cramming up my DVR box (sigh) and I noticed I had two episodes of Prison Break on there. This means that there would be about 5 minutes of progress between these two episodes.

So I started watching the first episode and ten minutes into it I find out that the execution of the guy they're supposed to break out is postponed for two weeks. Which means there's more time to "break out" which they don't seem to do. It's just more planning the freaking break out. That's when I decided - I HAVE HAD IT with this show! That's it. I felt an annurism start forming in my head and I had to say goodbye to Prison Break FOREVER.

No more prison break for me, it's over. I can't stand it. It's like a few episodes into the second season and nothing is happening. I feel like it's a time pit, a joke or something cruel where they lure you with hotties and then torture you with the worst writing in the history of television shows. Aurvoir motherfuckers!!!

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TV Genie said...

I'm a bit upset this show lost it's momentum after the first season. I thought it started getting slow and a bit drawn out.