Sunday, May 28, 2006


I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs with dedicated loyalty. Probably not to your surprise but I have some money riding on these games. I was positive my Spurs (#1 seed in the west, and #2 in the U.S.) would take the championship again this year – they didn’t – Dallas and them cronies beat them in game 7 overtime. (Note to the NBA: You’re dead to me!) The Spurs were down by 20 points in the fist half, and in the second half, they brought it back to being down by 8, then 6, then back to being down by 12…then they got a run, and were down by 4, then 2, then 10 again…it was a crazy game. Then all of a sudden, they tied the game, and with one minute left they converted a three pointer, and now they’re up for the first time. One minute left in the game and they’re leading, if it stayed this way, they would have advanced to the western finals…but then Dallas made a lay-up and got fouled, so the game tied at 103 and went into a heartbreaking overtime period. Those damn western games don’t start here till 10:30pm, and these games have been close, which means yelling and screaming and jumping around at 1am. When I actually will have an emergency, my neighbors will just think it’s playoffs time.

Speaking of the playoffs being over, I was sad about how many shows have ended and won’t be back for a while – The Amazing Race, Grey’s Anatomy, The Surreal Life, and most sadly - 8th & Ocean. But then I saw all these other fabulous shows that are all starting next week! The Simple Life, My Fair Brady, Rescue Me, The Hills – a cornucopia of deliciousness.

Speaking of deliciousness, have you heard Nelly Furtado’s new song “promiscuous?” It’s AWESOME! Although it’s a strange choice of a topic to sing about for your first single since having a baby. And if anyone knows the answer to this, I would appreciate it: why is Justin Timberlake in the end of this video?

Speaking of the pain of giving birth, there’s going to be a new show called “Vanished” – I wonder what’s going to happen on that show? Prison Break part Duex? Let me guess – every week they’ll get a viable clue as to where the “vanished” person is but they get there one second too late…oh well, there’s always next week. I already despise this show and it doesn’t start till the fall.


Honey Gangsta said...

Oh dear, I'm afraid I haven't been following this at all. Now, do you always keep track, or just when it is a team you like?

I love the comment about how if you ever have a real emergency, your neighbors will just think it is the playoffs. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Honey Gangsta said...
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Honey Gangsta said...

P.S. I've had it with this television dry spell. Apparently America's Next Top Model has started the latest season over again from the beginning, so maybe I can catch some I didn't see before.

ALSO, did you ever watch that show "My So-Called Life?" I love that show and have seen every episode, but I have recently discovered that it comes on this channel called The Noggin at like 3 in the morning on certain nights. I happily clicked into my DVR to set it to always record and now have excellent fun watching it when I wake up in the morning. :)