Thursday, June 01, 2006

[Head for] The Hills - Lauren is Made of Plastic

Here’s a recap of last night’s The Hills: Lauren drives up to her new apartment; Lauren has to go to her intern interview earlier than planned; Lauren gets her internship; Lauren works a party where she fails her one and only job.

Wow, no wonder I felt totally unsatisfied with this show. I felt emptier afterward than before. I also had high hopes for last night, so I may have been setting myself up for disappointment, I mean, it CAN’T be Lauren’s fault.

My absolute favorite part of last night was when she and Heidi (I can’t believe there are girls names Heidi everywhere) were at the pool and one-brain-cell girl asks Lauren if she can get her into the party. And Lauren says – I don’t want to risk my internship just so that you guys can get into a party. This was the best part EVER – Heidi’s face totally said: “But that’s why you got the internship, isn’t it? To get into parties?” She was sooooooooooo confused. Then they freaking show up at the party and Lauren sneaks them in. And why? So that they can regroup in their own circle of friends in a different environment. Why in the world they did they HAVE to get into that party? All they did was talk to each other…ahh, how I miss Hollywood parties. Where NOTHING happens, except the accomplishment that you got it.

I also have to comment on these freaking princess, spoiled little bitches who all have had the life sucked out of them. Lauren was telling her admissions officer at FIDM how an internship at Teen Vogue was so great and unbelievable and the best opportunity she could ask for. Then she shows up at the interview and says – “Like, I like Vogue, so Teen Vogue is like, ummm, it’s like where it’s at” or some other worthless shit like that.

And then, the worst part was when they told her she got the internship, and her reaction was null & void. It was like some sort of life was TRYING to come out of her but all she was able to muster was an open mouth. If I were on the other end of that line, I would have thought she was the most idiotic and conceited bitch ever. Well, I still think that, but I’m just saying. Her big reaction to this ‘unbelivable opportunity’ was a mere: cool, thanks. Arghhhh, show a little excitement, appreciation, pride, gratitude, SOMETHING, some resemblance that you’re alive and not a floating feather. It’s like when the twins showed up totally late to the Acuvue commercial (which was the biggest account of their life) and they couldn’t even muster up an apology, they just stared straight ahead and waited for instructions. Or when Sabrina got a really big job and when she was told on the phone, her reaction was a soft ‘yaaaay.’

Is it totally uncool to show emotion or excitement? I’m pretty chill myself, and don’t overreact to a lot of things, but if I get a job that I’m excited about, I don’t just bob my head up once and take a breath as a show of celebration.


Honey Gangsta said...

Well, I for one was SOOO nervous that Lauren might not actually land the internship at Teen Vogue. I mean my gosh, with all the competition and it's like the lady at that "school" said, people would PAY to have an internship at Teen Vogue. Then like you said, she goes in and totally blows her interview by just saying Teen Vogue is cool. I like it. I started to get really worried that she may not get this job and then how will she pay for her apartment? Oh wait. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Her parents are paying for that palace and internships are unpaid ANYWAY! HAH! And luckily my fears were asuaged when I remembered that MTV had set up this whole internship thing long beforehand and Teen Vogue agreed to hire a moron so that they could get a whole butt-load of free publicity.

I liked how the two barbies showed up to work their first day and a stylist came in and re-dressed them. Remember when Chrissy re-dressed you on your first day at K-EARTH? And the talk about how no matter where you go or what you do you are representing K-EARTH so you better not do anything embarrassing like having a life of your own? That's right, it never happened. FICTION. I somehow have a very hard time believing that unpaid interns get to wear items from the sample wardrobes on hand at Teen Vogue. Um, no.

I also have a hard time believing that unpaid interns are entrusted with security positions at celebrity-studded red carpet events on their FIRST DAY of being unpaid interns.

This show was SO staged and SO set up and SO not believable. Every time a new scene began I was struck with how phony it all seemed. I'm hoping it will get better when Jason -the-Mute comes onto the scene. Maybe we'll see some genuine interaction then, but I won't get my hopes up.

NoiXdeCoco said...

Oh, I know! It was so suspensful - will she get the internship, or will she get the internship...ha ha ha.

And the whole speech about having a lot of experience in business and writing experience and PR experience needed to be an intern?!?! WHAT? The internship IS where you get all of that, and it's unpaid. Who the hell goes from an MBA to become an intern and adress 500 envelopes...ah, no. AND if they made this huge exception for Lauren, then please explain Whitney. Because Whitney, is half the brains as Lauren.

I also liked when the barbies showed up to work, and Lauren was STARING at Whitney - like she was a mutant or something. I was like - "Say hi" you freaking moron. She's so above even saying hello to another human. She is freaking aweful. How did this lifeless blob get a show?

Ah Chrissy - yeah, I remember she accessorized my ass so that when I seperated paper at the perforation, I looked damn good doing it. Yeah, the whole thing is bullshit, no internship in the world would tell you to behave because after all, you are their free slaves.

I totally agree with you on the other ridiculous fake events that proceeded afterward. Sigh.

Next to this boulder, Kristin was a dynamic, articulate, expressive woman. Imagine this is the world we live in - Kristin is dynamic, and Teddy is articulate.