Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Amazing Amazing Race

Brody Says: "Amazing!!"

NdC Says: "What are you doing in my Amazing Race Recap??"

I wonder how much Brody Jenner got for coming up with the name of this show..."This race is like, Amazing! Look at it. I wouldn't want to be watching anything else right now. Let's call it...The Amazing Race!"

This past holiday weekend, I watched last season's many episodes of the Amazing Race from October. (Thank you to the Heavens that sent me DVR) Luckily the very new season was to start on Sunday, and an All-Star edition nonetheless. I was excited about this because this past season had a pair of blondes who I thought for sure would have made it all the way to the end, and be the first all-girl team to win the Amazing Race; a dream I had for Sputnik and me. I found them to be very entertaining! They were tough, savvy, cool under pressure, and attractive - a killer combination when often times people manipulation is the key to success. Anyway, they are now also on the All-Star edition - looks like I wasn't the only one mesmerized by the platinum duo of Dustin & Kandice. Oh wow, I didn't realize one of their names was "Candy" - ok, I will hold her parents responsible for this, I am too taken by their charms.

AR Says: "more determined than ever to prove to the world that they aren't just pretty faces"

NdC Says: "It's True, they are way more!!"

Other teams worth mentioning on the All-Star edition are Charla & Mirna, the dwarf and the stalker of the host, Phil. She is since still speaking with an Italian accent when she thinks no one is understanding her frantic requests....IN AMERICA! Where they speak English. I just hope she humps Phil, the host, like she did her first time around.

AR Says: "The inspirational cousins" & "eager to capture America's heart once again"

NdC Says: "Negative and negative" (but in an Italian accent)

Then there's Rob & Amber, who frankly, I've had a lifetime's worth of getting to know these blobs. They are so not interesting, especially mousy Ambuh. Ugh...they are just uber competitive and for no reason that is apparent to me. Rob of course is a weasel and right off the bat asked the shuttle bus driver to take off when he saw other teams running for the bus. When the driver decided not to take off, but instead pick up the other teams, Rob acted like it was his idea to "help" out said team. Rob = two-faced.

AR Says: "America's Sweethearts"

NdC Says: "Uh...ok, maybe if you mean it in the joking way, like in the movie America's Sweethearts"

Then there's Eric & Danielle, formerly of two teams that were on the same season, but have since become a couple, and logically their own team. I think she was from the all-girl team that would wear pink all the time, and on top of this, have pants that had the word "pink" sprawled across the ass, just in case you didn't notice the headband to toe pink already. I'm not expecting much from these two.

AR Says: " Danielle remains in Staten Island as a bartender...Eric, who works as a waiter, enjoys his laid-back lifestyle and lives on the beach in Florida"

NdC Says: "Ha ha ha...good luck with this food-service long-distance romance" and "PINK!"

And finally, there's David & Mary from last season. They were the coal miner and wife, aka the hicks, who have never been around Blacks or Gays. So it was a journey of not only countries but of people who weren't also red necks. Somehow they won the hearts of most of the other players that season as they were constantly being helped and aided, and the hearts of America I'm sure. Well, this season they turned nasty, and lied to Dustin & Kandice on the first leg of the race!!! I want these backward people OUT OF THE RACE!

AR Says: "Everybody's favorite coalminer and his wife who met at a local McDonald's"


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Honey Gangsta said...

First of all, this post is AMAZING. I’m so glad Brody Jenner inspired me to use that word more. He’s such a fountain of knowledge. Here is a quote from him last October in People Magazine talking about Lauren: "I don't know what you consider dating, but we're seeing each other, we're having a great time with it. She's an amazing girl." ‘Nuff said.

I haven’t thought about The Amazing Race in so long!!! This should be very good. I am cracking up over Charla and Mirna. Remember that show with Lisa Kudrow, “The Comeback?” There was an episode where Charla from The Amazing Race was on because she was parlaying her 15 minutes into her own series called “The Littlest Assistant.” (I don’t know if this is true, or if it was just a storyline.) Anyway the point of her show was that she was going around being famous people’s assistant for a day, and Lisa Kudrow’s character was talked into having her be her assistant. She picked up her dry cleaning – speaking Korean to the drycleaners – and drove her around to appointments – running out of gas on the freeway just to prove she could still make it on time by darting across the freeway on foot, even though she’s a little person. It was very hilarious. And the gay hairdresser who is always around was a huge Charla fan, so he was all star struck.

As for Rob and Amber, can they please go away? They have some show on now where they go to Vegas and play poker. What???? WHO CARES? Please, please, please go away. SOOOOO boring. SOOOOO stupid. SOOOOO white trash.

The rest I’m excited for.

Great recap!!! Thanks for all the info and for cracking me up!!