Monday, March 12, 2007

Lo, Lo, Lo! (pronounced: Duhn Duhn Duhn!) She's BACK!


How great was tonight's episode? I was totally going to let it sit my DVR waiting room, but then made a last minute decision to go forth and watch. It was AWESOME! So excited to see Lo make an appearance again.

I have so many questions...
- Is Lo prego?
- Who was having coffee with Lauren after New Years? All I saw was an inch and a half or black roots on a blonde head.
- Is Audrina really a "close" friend? I feel like she's just a filler for Lauren...I mean, does she ever add value?
- Who cuts Heidi's hair? It looked amazing...AMAZING.
- Speaking of AMAZING!...Where did Brody spend New Years?
- Is Spenca being compensated for running an anti-Lauren campaign? Perhaps the incentive is more celebrity friends, and a chance to belong.
- How funny was it that he had to resort to calling Lauren - Heidi's second boyfriend..ha ha ha

A Different "Lo"

- Are there really no other nightclubs in Los Angeles besides Area?
- What was in Heidi's martini glass at dinner?
- Did Heidi really ask Lo just 'how cute is my boyfirend?' Barf.
- Why did Heidi tell Lo that Spenca asked her to move out with him? Wouldn't she think Lo would tell Lauren??
- Will Lauren have to find a new roommate cause she won't be able to pay her rent with her non-existent salary from Teen Vogue?

I CAN'T wait for the recap!!!

A Whole 'Nother Kinda Low



Honey Gangsta said...

OMG! I was totally going to ask if Lo was pregnant too!!! She went around in maternity outfits the whole episode.

Didn't notice Heidi's hair yet. I'll pay attention.

I noticed that in Brody's absence, Spencer told Heidi that she looked AMAZING on New Years.

Heidi had a "virgin" lemon drop at dinner. I rewound it to make sure. Here is my theory: The restaurant decided not to put their liquor license in jeopardy by admitting to serving alcohol to a minor, so they made sure to say ON CAMERA that Heidi's glass of booze was a "virgin." Give me a break. Virgin lemon drop? It's called lemonade. That warn't no lemonade!

Anonymous said...

Here is my question. Why doesn't Whitney ever go out with the rest of the gang?? Is it religion? Underage? Banned from Area?? Softball training season? Or is her whole purpose in life to be boring filler? I NEED to know this.