Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Bachelor: Honey Gangsta Takes a Nap

Quick! The women are telling all!

So I tried, I really tried to come up with anything to say about The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, but seriously, there was nothing new. Stacey was back to explain how embarrassed she was about being such a drunken freak show on the first episode and then as an apology gift she gave Matt a pair of granny panties. Marshana showed up in something other than a sari and claimed to be misunderstood, and Robin showed up in a top pretending it was a dress and said it’s been fun to watch Matt in the last couple of episodes and see him look so happy. Nice try, Robin.

Planning on a swim, Robin?

Matt appeared with a shaved head which does wonders for his looks but nothing for his personality, unfortunately.

"I'm brilliant, if I'm honest."

Naturally he told us he is engaged and has never been happier. Particularly since he hasn’t been allowed near his fiancĂ©e since the proposal. He totally believes in fate now. Then he told Amanda that he is sorry she “got hurt.” Not that he hurt her, mind you, but that she got hurt. Like she accidentally tripped or something. Amanda didn’t seem too pleased. Please feel free to leave your favorite moment of the evening in the comments because that about does it for mine.

The highlight of this nonsense was, of course, the commercial announcing that the week after Matt pretend-proposes to someone, we will be treated to the long anticipated return of The Bachelorette!

Whatcha been up to, DeAnna?

I have a friend in the know who told me around the time we were watching Matt arrive in Los Angeles that ABC producers were still looking for hot guys to compete for DeAnna’s heart. It’s so funny to me that women seem to line up for miles to be rejected, but the men drag their feet – even though The Bachelorettes seem to have more luck choosing wisely. I’m excited for the role-reversal, and to see how DeAnna manages her last chance for love.

See you next week on the Proposal Platform!
-Honey Gangsta


Kristine said...

Ha ha! I was wondering what you'd be able to say about it... I was so bored I fell asleep! Just watched the finale and was so moved by the uber romantic phrase "monkey, will you marry me?!" Oh boy Matt, you're getting just what you deserve! Enjoy :P

NoiXdeCoco said...

Wow - that photo is incredible. Was that at ffww? I feel like I've seen it before, but never in this glorious context! Amazing.