Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Should Be Grading SAT Essays, But...

I just HAVE to post about tonight's Project Runway. Can someone please tell me why this

is chic and expensive-looking, and this

or this

is a rag? Hmm. They all look like a bunch of rags to me. I would NEVER pay money for the gutter water dress. It does NOT look expensive, it looks like a mistake. I mean, I think it’s cool how it translated from the picture of gutter water to the dress, I just don’t get where “expensive-looking” comes in. It doesn’t look any more expensive than Santino’s grafitti. The winning orchid outfit looks VERY fashion-ish. You know, like one of those things you see in a fashion show but would never actually purchase or wear? It looks like the top is about to eat the model's head. Cara's dress was LAME this time. SOOOOOOO lame. I could have (and probably would have) designed that one and that frightens me. It's a dress with police tape around it.

NEXT. That Tim guy is out of control. In fact, all of these queens are out of control. It’s too funny to see these guys week after week crying and threatening and lisping their way through the challenges. Like tonight how Nick lost his model and he almost had a complete breakdown. My gosh!!! So another generic-looking clone girl puts on your outfit and walks down a 10 foot sidewalk in it? So what? They’re MODELS. They’re interchangeable!!! And Tim went off for like five minutes about how Nick’s new blonde model is a stiff marshmallow and she better, she just better, really pull it off and WALK this time. I thought Nick was going to crap his pants right there. As if he needed any more provoking. SHEESH!!!

Again, I really liked Chloe’s outfit.

The quote of the episode was, “It’s a motherf***ing walk-off.” By Daniel. Priceless.

SAVE ME! (I'm the model talking.)


NoiXdeCoco said...

Ha ha ha, that’s funny about the lisps, that’s totally how it is. Dude, how about that guy with the bald head who drops his jaws to the floor literally at EVERYTHING!!!! Tim Gunn can come in and say, ‘hey guys, gather ‘round. We’re going to eat pizza for lunch.’ And baldy would be – OMG!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!

What’s up with him? His reactions are WAY OFF what they should be.

Is this show fucking great or what?!?! I totally agree with you about the dress being “expensive looking,” I totally didn’t get that at all. I thought the winner’s (Daniel’s) was expensive looking. I did really like how he had gutter water as an inspiration and it totally translated, that was way cool.

Nick was awesome, he sulked the entire episode about his model, and Tim Gunn was an ass when he feigned fright at learning the news. Thanks Tim, you’re really helping.
Tim Gunn makes me think of a caricature butler, like every time he walks in and asks people to gather ‘round, it’s like he’s a cartoon character. Maybe it’s his nose that turns up. He is so unusual.

My favorite part of this episode was Heidi’s face when that bitch Zulema asked for a walk-off. She made this face like, ok then…and then backed up for the walk-off, which was so ridiculous. Zulema totally acted like her creations are so great and fantastic and they’re not getting noticed because of the model. If she would have used her pea brain to realize that she can’t even finish an outfit, then she would have seen that stealing someone else’s model was fucked up. I hate people like that, like the world owes them something, so they take whatever they want with no consideration. Stupid bitch.

I’m ready for Cara to go too. Her unidentifiable accent is annoying.

My favorites for the Olympus Fashion Week to get their model’s into the Tresemme hair salon and L’oreal Paris make-up room are Daniel Vosovic, Nick, and Chloe…they always have awesome stuff. Auf Vierdenshen

Honey Gangsta said...

Here's what I would say to Heidi if I were "out," after she said Auf Wiedersehen. I'd say, "Vielen Dank für dieses Gelegenheit." I think she would stumble backwards, balanced only by her prego tummy.

NoiXdeCoco said...

Thank you for the opportunity? That's it? Hmm...I would say:
küssen Sie meinen Esel
And then I'd say it in Spanish just to emphasize:
Bese mi asno
Then wink at the camera ;)