Monday, January 30, 2006

Try These on for Size

I have show recommendations for you. First is #1 Single on E! It’s really cute. It’s Lisa Loeb trying to find a boyfriend and she’s so adorable, and down-to-earth. She went on a blind date with a looser (of course) and he whipped out the Karaoke machine to sing, what else, but her only song that everyone knows. It was painful, but oh-so-funny to see her face while he serenaded her. And then he told her that he can’t eat vegetables, ha ha ha. Stupid.

The second show is on AMC and it’s a British gem that I found called Hustle (or Hustler) it’s on Saturday nights at 10pm (I think). I’ve seen one episode and it’s really good. I can’t really describe it, except they’re hustlers and their British accents are light so it’s easy to understand.

And lastly, I found a show on the Food Network called the Secret Life of…(this part changes), and I found one for potato chips!!!
So I thought of you. I saw the one on sugar, yum. Try to search for it on your DVR and record it. But be sure to have a bag with you when you watch cause I almost died watching a show on sugar with no cake to cram in my face.

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Honey Gangsta said...

Oh my gosh! I was totally going to tell you to watch #1 Single. I already have it programmed to record each time it's on. I know, she's really funny. I saw the episode where she moved back to New York. I loved the part where she was walking around with her mom and her mom kept pointing out couples and babies. And the camera froze when the bride and groom walked by and Lisa said it had to be a set-up. And then in a store, her mom was like, "Lisa, look at the baby!" OOOOhhh that would suck. I'm so glad my mom isn't like that. I'd probably cry a lot more if she were.