Friday, January 20, 2006

Ostrich Feathers Would Make Me Sneeze

On Project Runway, they had to design an ice skating outfit – which is weird cause - why? Which designer do you know has ice skating outfits as part of their repertoire? (Oh, that’s a good French word to save for the Bachelor posts)

But I guess it will demonstrate their breadth, whatever. This was the least interesting episode, as I could care less about ice skating outfits. Except Santino’s!! ha ha ha ha ha…his’ was ridiculous. It looked like he was trying to botch it up on purpose to get rise out of the judges. He is so lame.

So that bitch Heidi says in their debate on who sucked the most – I’m ready to give Santino my Auf Viedersehn – Oh geez! Thanks for giving away that he won’t be going home tonight. Reality shows are so predictable. If the host says – Santino is going home, then you know he’s not. Wah wah wah…I’m bored of this nonsense. Santino better be eating babies in the next episode.


NoiXdeCoco said...

I have to comment on my own post - feathers are disgusting. They're gross to wear, to touch, to look at!!! YUCK.

Honey Gangsta said...

P.S. Where was Santino screaming that he wanted Andre's soul??? That was on every commercial and tease and then... NOTHING! Except on the teaser for what was coming up after the break. Then nothing. I agree about the feathers. That one judge chick said that the feathers looked chic. WHAAAAT? They looked diseased. You know how when you're little and your parents won't let you touch the dead bird because you'll catch something? That's what it looked like.

I also have no idea where to start with designing an ice skating outfit. I totally would have done something kitchy like Cara's flapper dress and told her to skate to some ragtime. Isn't that was ice skating is about? It's not about couture, sorry. They wear leotards. My favorite was Chloe's. I really like her stuff - it's always cute. And then that girl (Sasha) chose the white one. THE WHITE ONE. Because THAT'S unusual. An ice skater wearing white. Who'd have thought?